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Templated docstrings for Python classes.

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Templated docstrings for Python classes.


  • Describe your business logic in docstrings of your classes and exceptions;
  • When printing an object or an exception, the library will substitute the placeholders in the docstring text with runtime values,
  • And you (or your user) will see a human-readable text.


pip install documented


from dataclasses import dataclass
from documented import DocumentedError

class InsufficientWizardryLevel(DocumentedError):
    🧙 Your level of wizardry is insufficient ☹

        Spell: {self.spell}
        Minimum level required: {self.required_level}
        Actual level: {self.actual_level} {self.comment}

    Unseen University will be happy to assist in your training! 🎓

    spell: str
    required_level: int
    actual_level: int

    def comment(self) -> str:
        if self.actual_level <= 0:
            return '(You are Rincewind, right? Hi!)'
            return ''

raise InsufficientWizardryLevel(
    spell='Animal transformation',

which prints:

InsufficientWizardryLevel           Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-1-d8ccdb953cf6> in <module>
---> 29 raise InsufficientWizardryLevel(
     30     spell='Animal transformation',
     31     required_level=8,

🧙 Your level of wizardry is insufficient ☹

    Spell: Animal transformation
    Minimum level required: 8
    Actual level: 0 (You are Rincewind, right? Hi!)

Unseen University will be happy to assist in your training! 🎓

For more examples, see:

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