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A Docker and AWS utility package

Project description

dokr - Make your docker and ecs tasks easy

A Helper pip package for docker and ECS tasks. This pip package helps you automate your CI/CD pipeline. If your using docker and Amazon ECS for deployments, this tool can be really helpful. This package uses aws cli and ecs cli. Mak


  • Assuming python is installed on your system.
  • Docker is installed on your system
  • aws-cli is installed and credentials are configured on your system.
  • ecs-cli is installed on system [For Log Command only]

Install dokr on your system using :

pip install dokr

ECS Options

  • login into ecs directly (Assuming awscli is installed and configured)
dokr ecs login

alt dokr_aws_ip

  • Deploy an image on a cluster
dokr ecs deploy --cluster cluster_name --service service_name --tag image_version

alt dokr_aws_ip

  • Check ecs running logs of a Task - this command will ask for cluster/service and task defination.

Note: Install ecs-cli before running this command from here:

dokr ecs log

alt dokr_aws_ip

Docker Helper Commands

  • Prune whole system - Cleans unused images, containers and volumes.
dokr dock --clean-all

alt dokr_aws_ip

  • Delete all the images matching the pattern
dokr dock --clean pattern_xxx

alt dokr_aws_ip

  • Add a tag to the existing image matching the provided pattern (for latest tag only)
dokr dock --tag pattern_xxx tag_name

alt dokr_aws_ip

  • Push all images on a system matching a pattern

This will push all images matching pattern 'pat'

dokr dock --push pat

alt dokr_aws_ip

AWS Commands

  • Check current public ip of a machine on AWS
dokr aws --ip jenkins 

alt dokr_aws_ip

Run Apps (subsitute to docker run command and DockerCompose)

  • Configure your default values(like docker registry, port mapping, volume mapping etc. that will be same for all apps):

alt dokr_aws_ip

  • Add an new app for deployment:

alt dokr_aws_ip

  • Run all configured apps:

alt dokr_aws_ip

  • Run a particular app from ECR tags:

alt dokr_aws_ip

  • Run a particular app by providing a tag:

alt dokr_aws_ip


  • Clean ununsed: rm -rf build/ dist/ *egg* **.pyc __pycache__
  • Build package: python bdist_wheel
  • deploy package: python -m twine upload dist/*

follow this link for more details

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