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Containers tools for Dolmen applications

Project description is a collection of tools to work with containers in Dolmen applications.

Getting started

We import the Grok, request and authentication tools, in order to use them in our tests:

>>> from grok import testing
>>> from zope.component import getMultiAdapter
>>> from zope.publisher.browser import TestRequest
>>> from import Principal, Participation
>>> from import newInteraction, endInteraction


In order to get a consistent policy concerning the container keys, provides a INameChooser adapter, for the dolmen.content.IContainer objects.

We create our container type:

>>> import dolmen.content

>>> class Folder(dolmen.content.Container):
...'a folderish content')
...   dolmen.content.require('dolmen.content.Add')

>>> testing.grok_component('folder', Folder)

>>> root = getRootFolder()
>>> folder = Folder()
>>> root['folder'] = folder

We now create a simple content type:

>>> from zope.interface import Interface, implements

>>> class IDocument(Interface):
...   pass

>>> class Document(dolmen.content.Content):
...'a document')
...   implements(IDocument)

>>> testing.grok_component('doc', Document)

>>> manfred = Document()
>>> manfred.title = u"Manfred"

To use the namechooser, we simply adapt our container to the INameChooser interfaces:

>>> from import INameChooser
>>> chooser = INameChooser(folder)
>>> chooser
< object at ...>

If no name is provided, the component uses the object’s title to compute an id:

>>> chooser.chooseName(name='', object=manfred)

If a name is provided, it is used if possible:

>>> chooser.chooseName(name='furry elephant', object=manfred)
'furry elephant'

If the name already exists, it adds a number at the end of the id. To do that, the name chooser will try all the values from 0 to 100 and keep the first successful combination:

>>> folder['manfred'] = object()
>>> chooser.chooseName(name='', object=manfred)

If there is no solution, an error is raised:

>>> for i in range(0, 101):
...   folder['manfred_%d' % i] = object()

>>> chooser.chooseName(name='', object=manfred)
Traceback (most recent call last):
ValueError: Cannot find a unique name based on `manfred` after 100 attemps.

Adding menu

Permissions registers a viewlet listing the dolmen.content factories. It displays the factories allowed in the container. It checks the principal’s permissions in the process.

The viewlet is registered for the ‘AboveBody’ viewlet manager:

>>> from import AboveBody
>>> from import AddMenu

>>> request = TestRequest()
>>> view = getMultiAdapter((folder, request), name="index")

>>> manager = AboveBody(folder, request, view)
>>> manager
< object at ...>

>>> viewlet = AddMenu(folder, request, view, manager)
>>> viewlet.update()

As we are currently logged in as Manager, we can see all the factories:

>>> for factory in viewlet.factories: print factory['name']

We can test the rendering:

>>> print viewlet.render()
<dl id="add-menu" class="menu additional-actions">
  <dt>Add to folder</dt>
      <a href=""
        <img src="" alt="Container" width="16" height="16" border="0" />
        <span>a folderish content</span>
      <a href=""
        <img src="" alt="Document" width="16" height="16" border="0" />
        <span>a document</span>

We now log a principal with no privileges:

>>> endInteraction()
>>> newInteraction(Participation(Principal('zope.judith')))

If we now try to render the viewlet, the Folder factory should not be available, as it is protected by the ‘dolmen.content.Add’ permission. The Document factory should be available as it’s not protected:

>>> viewlet.update()
>>> for factory in viewlet.factories: print factory['name']


The viewlet also checks the constraints on the container and the factory.

We now log back our manager:

>>> endInteraction()
>>> newInteraction(Participation(Principal('zope.mgr')))

We test to see if everything is back to normal:

>>> viewlet.update()
>>> for factory in viewlet.factories: print factory['name']

We apply a constraint on the folder. It will only be able to contain IDocument objects:

>>> from zope.interface import alsoProvides
>>> from import contains

>>> class IDocumentRepository(Interface):
...   contains(IDocument)

>>> alsoProvides(folder, IDocumentRepository)

We check the respect of the constraint:

>>> viewlet.update()
>>> for factory in viewlet.factories: print factory['name']


To complete the container’s tools, registers a view in charge of displaying the content of a container as a table.

First, we reset the container:

>>> del root['folder']
>>> folder = root['folder'] = Folder()

We add all kind of contents:

>>> folder['manfred'] = Document()
>>> folder['judith'] = Document()
>>> folder['subfolder'] = Folder()
>>> folder['not_dolmen.content.IBaseContent'] = object()

Then, we can query the listing view:

>>> listing = getMultiAdapter((folder, request), name="folderlisting")
>>> listing.update()

The table lines are a list of the container values:

>>> list(listing.values)
[< object at ...>, < object at ...>, <object object at ...>, < object at ...>]

The rendering displays links with icons (if existing):

>>> print listing.content()
<div class="folder-listing">
  <div><table class="listing sortable">
    <tr class="even">
      <td><img src="" alt="Document" width="16" height="16" border="0" />&nbsp;<a href="">judith</a></td>
    <tr class="odd">
      <td><img src="" alt="Document" width="16" height="16" border="0" />&nbsp;<a href="">manfred</a></td>
    <tr class="even">
      <td><a href="">not_dolmen.content.IBaseContent</a></td>
    <tr class="odd">
      <td><img src="" alt="Container" width="16" height="16" border="0" />&nbsp;<a href="">subfolder</a></td>


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0.1 (2009-11-03)

  • Initial release

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