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Dolmen applications content utilities

Project description provides out-of-the-box utilities for Dolmen applications content.

Getting started

We import Grok and grok the package:

>>> import grok
>>> grok.testing.grok('')

We create a dolmen.content content:

>>> import dolmen.content
>>> class Mammoth(dolmen.content.Content):
...'A furry thing')
>>> manfred = Mammoth()
>>> manfred.title = u'A nice mammoth'

Indexes registers two indexes to catalog the dolmen.content.IBaseContent created inside a Dolmen application:

>>> from import indexes

Base indexes

The handles the title and the content type of an IBaseContent content:

>>> indexes.BaseIndexes.__grok_indexes__
{'content_type': <grok.index.Field object at ...>, 'title': <grok.index.Text object at ...>}

>>> indexes.BaseIndexes.__grok_indexes__['content_type']._attribute

Searchable text provides a simple ‘ISearchableText’ implementation, allowing full text searches. It comes in two parts.

The index:

>>> indexes.SearchableIndex.__grok_indexes__
{'searchabletext': <grok.index.Text object at ...>}

The adapter:

>>> from zope.index.text.interfaces import ISearchableText
>>> adapter = ISearchableText(manfred)
>>> adapter.getSearchableText()
u'A nice mammoth'


Thanks to dolmen.thumbnailer, provides a base thumbnailing policy, using ZODB blobs as storage and introducing a new scale.


Let’s introspect our Miniaturizer component:

>>> from import thumbnails

>>> thumbnails.BlobMiniaturizer.factory
<class 'dolmen.blob.file.BlobValue'>

>>> print thumbnails.BlobMiniaturizer.scales
{'mini': (250, 250), 'square': (64, 64), 'thumb': (150, 150), 'large': (700, 700), 'small': (128, 128), 'preview': (400, 400)}

The new scale, ‘square’, scales down and crops the original image to provide a square thumbnail. This is done using a IThumbnailer adapter:

>>> from dolmen.thumbnailer import IThumbnailer
>>> thumbnails.SquareThumbnailer
<class ''>
>>> IThumbnailer.implementedBy(thumbnails.SquareThumbnailer)


All Dolmen packages are sponsorised by NPAI (


0.2.1 (2010-02-25)

  • Using PIL 1.1.7 instead of PILwoTK 1.1.6. This prevents having to declare a third party archive download location.
  • Maintenance cleaning for the release of Grok 1.1rc1. Code is now pep8 compliant.

0.2 (2010-02-01)

  • Added dolmen.blob include in configure.zcml.
  • Cleaning dependencies. The package is now free and relies on the latest Grok evolution.

0.1 (2009-11-02)

  • Initial release

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