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Dolmen CMS

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Dolmen is a simple application. The package provides an easy way to bootstrap your own applications. It exposes two elements, the Dolmen object and the IDolmen interface.

This creation of Dolmen Application is straightforward:

>>> import grokcore.component as grok
>>> from zope.event import notify
>>> from zope.lifecycleevent import ObjectCreatedEvent
>>> from import Dolmen, IDolmen

>>> rocks = Dolmen()
>>> notify(ObjectCreatedEvent(rocks))

>>> IDolmen.providedBy(rocks)

It’s a valid zope.component ISite:

>>> import zope.component
>>> from zope.component.interfaces import ISite, IPossibleSite
>>> from import LocalSiteManager
>>> IPossibleSite.providedBy(rocks)
>>> ISite.providedBy(rocks)
>>> site = LocalSiteManager(rocks)
>>> rocks.setSiteManager(site)
>>> rocks.getSiteManager()
<LocalSiteManager ++etc++site>

Dolmen is a dolmen.content Container (read dolmen.content documentation for more information):

>>> from dolmen.content import IContent, IContainer
>>> IContent.providedBy(rocks)
>>> IContainer.providedBy(rocks)


0.2 (2011-03-06)

  • Added proper license file and tagging (ZPL).

  • Don’t use z3c.testsetup for tests anymore.

  • Dependencies on Grok has been dumped. We now depend on

  • Cleaned code and dependencies.

  • Stripped down the ftesting.zcml of all the useless statements.

0.1 (2009-10-27)

  • Internal release

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