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Dolmen menus composer

Project description aims to provide the most flexible and explicit way to create and manage menus and their entries with Grok.

You have to know that…

  • only works on Python 2.6.

  • does not support sub-menus, out of the box. The implementation is left to your discretion.

Components provides two components:

  • Menu : the menu implementation is based on the zope “content provider” notion and is using the grokcore.viewlet package.

  • Entry: a menu item is called an entry. It’s a multi adapter that is registered for a Menu component.


A menu component:

>>> from dolmen import menu

>>> class MyMenu(menu.Menu):
...     menu.title('My nice menu')

A menu entry:

>>> class MyMenuEntry(menu.Entry):
...     menu.order(1)
...     menu.title('My Entry')


In order to use base Grok component as menu entries, we get two registration ways.

class decorator

A class decorator allows you to decorate any class, in order to register it as a menu entry:

>>> import grokcore.view

>>> @menu.menuentry(MyMenu)
... class TestEntry(grokcore.view.View):
...    def render(self):
...        return u"A simple entry"

Module level martian directive

A martian directive allows you register classes you can’t decorate (from a foreign package, for instance), explicitly:

>>> class SomeView(grokcore.view.View):
...    def render(self):
...        return u"I'm a view and I want to be a menu entry"

>>> menu.global_menuentry(SomeView, MyMenu, order=2)


0.5 (2011-01-31)

  • now works on the latest martian. The treatment of the decorator has been deferred by the use of a module annotation. The registration is now done by a global grokker.

0.4 (2010-12-24)

  • It is now possible to define a menu context, that is different of the rendering context. This allow delegated rendering, such as Root menus or other object-specific menus.

0.3 (2010-06-04)

  • Corrected a bug where ‘zope.Public’ was evaluated as a “normal” permission. Now, the manager converts the permission into a CheckerPublic marker.

  • the filter method is now a generator.

0.2 (2010-03-05)

  • Changed the way to fetch the menu CSS id.

0.1 (2010-03-03)

  • Initial release.

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