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Domain Ownership Checker

Project description

This Python library implements different strategies to validate the ownership of a domain name.

Available strategies

All strategies takes 3 arguments: the domain to check, a static DNS safe prefix like “yourservice-domain-verification” and a randomly generated code.

  • DNS TXT record: checks for the {prefix}-{code} string present in one of the TXT records on the domain name.

  • DNS CNAME record: checks for the existence of CNAME` record composed on the static ``{prefix}-{code} on the domain pointing to domain (usually yours) which the host is {prefix} (i.e.: {prefix} NOTE: you may want to make sure that {prefix} resolves to something as some zone editors may check that.

  • Meta Tag: checks for the presence of a <meta name="{prefix}" content="{code}"> tag in the <head> part of the domain’s home page using either HTTP or HTTPs protocols.

  • HTML File: checks for the presence of a file named {code}.html at the root of the domain’s website containing the string {prefix}={code} using either HTTP or HTTPs protocols.

Usage Example

Simple usage will check the domain with all available strategies and return True if the validation passed:

import domcheck

domain = ""
prefix = "myservice-domain-verification"
code = "myserviceK2d8a0xdhh"

if domcheck.check(domain, prefix, code):
    print "This domain is verified"

You may filter strategies by passing a coma separated list of strategies:

domcheck.check(domain, prefix, code, strategies="dns_txt,meta_tag")


To install domcheck, simply:

$ pip install domcheck


All source code is licensed under the MIT License.

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