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A short script to upload screenshots to an SFTP server

Project description

Challenged by the ease of use of existing tools to capture and upload screenshots so that they are available for the general public, this script was made.

The only required dependencies are scp and scrot. Optional dependencies are:

  • optipng (used by default, can be turned off in configuration)

  • xclip (to save URLs to clipboard or to capture PNG images from clipboard)

  • zenity (to display URLs in a window)


The upload URL is configured using a config file dont-puush-me.ini. It can be placed anywhere in your XDG configuration paths (usually ~/.config and /etc/xdg).

The config file has the following format:



The scp_format and url_format settings are required and no default exists for them. In those, the first occurence of {} is replaced with the automatically generated filename for the image. You need to set those values such that scp can be used to upload the file so that it will be reachable at the url given by url_format afterwards.

The optipng setting is a boolean setting which enables or disables the default use of optipng before uploading an image.


The usage is simple:

usage: dont-puush-me [-h] (-f | -r | -c) [-d SECONDS]
                     [--no-optipng | --optipng] [--save-locally FILE] [-z]
                     [-p] [-s] [-b]

Use scrot to create a screenshot which is either saved locally or uploaded to
a hardcoded server.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

Capture settings:
  -f, --fullscreen      Make a shot of the entire screen
  -r, -w, --select      Select a region or window to screenshot
  -c, --from-clipboard  Use the image from the clipboard
  -d SECONDS, --delay SECONDS
                        Delay the screenshot by the given amount of seconds

Image processing:
  --no-optipng          Disable use of optipng before uploading (overrides
                        config option)
  --optipng             Enable use of optipng before uploading (overrides
                        config option)

Upload settings:
  --save-locally FILE   Save the file locally instead of uploading it to a

URL output settings:
  -z, --zenity          Show the URL using zenity
  -p, --to-primary      Save the URL in the primary X11 selection.
  -s, --to-secondary    Save the URL in the secondary X11 selection.
  -b, --to-clipboard    Save the URL in the clipboard X11 selection.


  • Capture a fullscreen screenshot and copy the resulting URL to the primary X11 selection:

    dont-puush-me -fp
  • Capture a rectangle from the screen (the rectangle is picked using the mouse; clicking without dragging selects the rectangle of the clicked window):

    dont-puush-me -r
  • Capture a rectangle, do not apply optipng and display the URL in a window (requires zenity):

    dont-puush-me --no-optipng -rz

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