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Python project to get insights and distances to explore the places of the Earth

Project description

Dora the Explorer

As the name suggests everything, this package is intended for exploring the earth. Imagine you have a set of places (at max 4 places) to vist, how do you know exactly to find the best route to cover all the places? This package helps to find the best route which is pre-planned and displays the route with respect to distance and finally reaching the source place i.e., home.

We have known about one of the famous problems in mathematics - graph theory that is Travelling Salesman Problem. To give a simple gist about the problem, basically there is a salesman who has to travel a bunch of places (cities) to deliver the items. There could be so many possibilities to cover all the cities and reach to his/her source place. But it is very important for a salesman to choose the best possible route which gives a minimal distance. By this he/she can save a lot time and deliver the items at the earliest. For this project, I have considered distance as an important factor, later on time and other factors shall be added.

A typical example can be seen below. When selected 4 places that belong to India the result is obtained having the shortest path to cover the places. The path is just a straight line between the cities.


What if we want to get the actual route direction from each city that is joining another city?.


For getting the map results, it is important to have Mapbox API which is a free API. To get the API - register on mapbox website. Once registered, create a secret token by clicking Create a token button by navigating to this page. Save the token as it will be needed for generating the map results.


pip install dora-explorer --user


from dora_explorer.distance_locator import DistanceLocator

dl = DistanceLocator()

from_ = 'Hindupur'
to_ = 'Bengaluru'

distance = dl.get_distance(from_=from_, to_=to_)
print(distance) # 95.84
from dora_explorer.tiny_explore import DoraTheExplorer

place_list = ['Delhi', 'Hyderabad', 'Hindupur', 'Mumbai']
explore = DoraTheExplorer(place_list=place_list)

min_dis = explore.get_min_dis(source_city='Mumbai')
print(min_dis) # 3583.36

geo_token = <Mapbox API Token>
path = explore.get_path(source_city='Mumbai', with_map=True, with_directions=True, geo_token=geo_token)
print(path) # Mumbai >> Delhi >> Hyderabad >> Hindupur >> Mumbai

Note: The source_city param can also be given an integer. Either 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 as in a list of four places is passed.

from dora_explorer.tiny_explore import DoraTheExplorer

place_list = ['Delhi', 'Hyderabad', 'Hindupur', 'Mumbai']
explore = DoraTheExplorer(place_list=place_list)

path = explore.get_path(source_city=1, num_path=True)
print(path) # 1 >> 2 >> 3 >> 4 >> 1

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