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Access dicts and lists with a dotted path notation.

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A Python library that provides a method of accessing lists and dicts with a dotted path notation. It is useful to access a deep path inside a complex object composed of lists and dicts.

Quick & Dirty:

from dotted.collection import DottedCollection, DottedDict, DottedList

obj = DottedCollection.factory(dict_or_list)
obj = DottedCollection.load_json(json_value)
obj = DottedDict(a_dict)
obj = DottedList(a_list)

from dotted.utils import dot, dot_json

obj = dot(dict_or_list)
obj = dot_json(json_value)

DottedDict and DottedList have the same accessors as dict and list so you can iterate them as usual. Both type of objects support access via a dotted path key.


Example #1: DottedList

obj = DottedList([0, 1, 2, 3, [4, 5, 6], 7, 8, [9, 10]])

All of these are true:

obj[0]     ==  0
obj['1']   ==  1
obj['4.0'] ==  4
obj['4.2'] ==  6
obj[5]     ==  7
obj['7.1'] == 10

If you want to append you can do:



obj[8] = 11

but the latter only works if index == len(obj). In other case you will get a very pretty exception.

Example #2: DottedDict

obj = DottedDict({'hello': {'world': {'wide': 'web'}}})

All of these are true:

obj['hello'] == {'world': {'wide': 'web'}}
obj[''] == {'wide': 'web'}
obj[''] == 'web'

obj.hello == {'world': {'wide': 'web'}} == {'wide': 'web'} == 'web'

Example #3: Both working together

obj = DottedCollection.factory({
    'hello': [{'world': {'wide': ['web', 'web', 'web']}}]

You can access:


Example #4: When new values are dicts or lists

obj = DottedCollection.factory(some_obj)

obj['some.path'] = {'hello': 'world'}  # will be converted to a DottedDict
obj['another.path'] = ['hello']  # will be converted to a DottedList

Example #5: Shortcuts

from dotted.utils import dot, dot_json

obj = dot({'hello': 'world'})
obj = dot_json('{"hello": "world"}')

That’s all!


Run in the terminal from the parent directory:

python -m dotted.test.test_collection

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