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DottedNameResolver and other stuff lifted from pyramid.path

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DottedNameResolver and other stuff lifted from pyramid.path from the wonderful Pyramid web framework.

A few quick examples of usage

In [1]: from dotted_name_resolver import DottedNameResolver

In [2]: r = DottedNameResolver()

In [3]: r.resolve('os.path')
Out[3]: <module 'posixpath' from

In [4]: r.resolve('os.path.exists')
Out[4]: <function genericpath.exists>

In [5]: r.resolve('dotted_name_resolver.DottedNameResolver.maybe_resolve')
Out[5]: <unbound method DottedNameResolver.maybe_resolve>

In [6]: import os.path

In [7]: r.resolve(os.path.exists)
ValueError                                Traceback (most recent call
<ipython-input-9-0fd311498cae> in <module>()
----> 1 r.resolve(os.path.exists)

in resolve(self, dotted)
    328         if not isinstance(dotted, string_types):
--> 329             raise ValueError('%r is not a string' % (dotted,))
    330         package = self.package
    331         if package is CALLER_PACKAGE:

ValueError: <function exists at 0x1002a5398> is not a string

In [8]: r.maybe_resolve(os.path.exists)
Out[8]: <function genericpath.exists>

In [24]: from dotted_name_resolver import AssetResolver

In [25]: a = AssetResolver('IPython')

In [26]: a.resolve('html/static/notebook/js/notebook.js').abspath()


For detailed documentation, see the documentation for pyramid.path and replace anything that says pyramid.path with dotted_name_resolver.

Supported python versions

$ /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.3/bin/tox
  py26: commands succeeded
  py27: commands succeeded
  py33: commands succeeded
  py34: commands succeeded
  pypy: commands succeeded
  congratulations :)



  • Initial release

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