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The CLI YouTube Player

Project description


Dragon is a CLI YouTube music player app.

Dragon Screenshot


Dragon is hosted on PyPI, to install do

pip install dragon-player

Dragon requires libVLC to run. To run dragon do


It should work on Linux, Mac, Windows and BSD


Dragon supports the following text based commands:

Command Aliases Argument Example Description
search find, s, f text: song title s metallica one search for a song on YouTube
download dl, d number: index dl 1 download nth index from search results
play p number: index p 0 play nth index in loaded playlist
pause p p pause
next n n play next track
prev b b play previous track
repeat r r repeat the current track
continuous c c continue playing next track after current one is finished
loop l l loop the playlist
random ra ra random play (it's random, not shuffle)
+ time +1m or +1s or +1h or +1 go forward
- time -1m or -1s or -1h or -1 go backward
scroll s, sc number sc 4 scroll to number
load l text: playlist name load main load playlist from disk
make list mk list, mkl, ml, m text: playlist name mkl heavy metal make an empty new playlist
duplicate list duplicate, dupl, dup text: playlist name dup classical duplicate current loaded playlist
sort list srt, sort sort sort current loaded playlist
remove list rm list, rl, rml text: playlist name rm classical remove playlist
add to list atl, add, a number: index and text: playlist name atl 1 heavy metal add index from current list to another playlist
remove from list remove, rfl, r number:index r 1 remove song from current playlist
clean cl cl remove downloaded files that are not in any of the playlists
rename rn number: index and text: song name rename 1 Metallica - One rename song at index


  • Downloaded songs are added to current playlist, you need to reload playlist after download.
  • Operations on playlists are saved to disk immediately.

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