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Keyed Lists for Django REST Framework

This package supports the serialization and deserialization of a list of objects stored in a dict where a unique value from the object (often a pk) is used as the key in the dict. For example,

    "1": {<other fields for object with id 1>},
    "2": {<other fields for object with id 2>},


pip install drf-keyed-list


The following is a usage example:

class MySerializer(ModelSerializer):

    class Meta:
        list_serializer_class = KeyedListSerializer
        keyed_list_serializer_field = 'id'

By replacing the list_serializer_class, this behavior will only be enabled when the many=True flag is used:

instance = {
   "id": "pk_val",
   "field1": "val1",
   "field2": "val2",

serializer = MySerializer(data=instance)
# this should work

keyed_list = {
   "pk_val": {
       "field1": "val1",
       "field2": "val2",

# many=True will trigger the keyed-list behavior
serializer = MySerializer(data=keyed_list, many=True)
# this should also work

NOTE: keyed_list_serializer_field MUST refer to a Unique field or key collision may occur during serialization, plus undefined deserializaiton behavior if used in combination with nested writable serializers (e.g. drf-writable-nested). At this time, the package does not make any effort to verify that a Unique field has been selected.


2018, Clayton Daley III

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