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Temporary Django REST Framework permission-scoped token

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rest_framework_tmp_scoped_token provides a Django REST Framework-compatible system to generate and validate signed authorization tokens. Generated tokens contain the ID of a user on whose behalf the token bearer authenticates, a white-list of HTTP verbs and API endpoints that the bearer is permitted to access, an max-lifespan of the token, and a note about the intended recipient.



Add rest_framework_tmp_scoped_token.TokenAuth to the DEFAULT_AUTHENTICATION_CLASSES section of your REST_FRAMEWORK settings in

        # ... Your other forms of auth

To authenticate with an temporary permissions token, make a request with the token included in either:

  • the Authorization HTTP header with a TmpToken keyword:

    Authorization: TmpToken eyJzb21ldGhpbmctc2VjcmV0IjoiaG9wZSBub2JvZHkgc2VlcyB0aGlzIn0:1d47N6:woJG0EgLNDb0OjYQmCbsjniP-2Y
  • a TOKEN GET query parameter:


If you would like to customize either the Authorization header keyword or the GET query parameter used, you can subclass the rest_framework_tmp_scoped_token.TokenAuth class and override the keyword or get_param values.


To generate a token, use the rest_framework_tmp_scoped_token.TokenManager class. The token encompasses the following information:

  • user: User that will be authenticated by token.

  • endpoints: key:value pairs of HTTP methods and endpoint roots that token is authorized to access. The following values would authorize the token to make GET requests to any endpoints that begin with ‘api/v1/foo:

    {'GET': ['/api/v1/foo']}

    NOTE: This this token will not override any existing permissions for its associatted User within the system. It only adds further restrictions to the endpoints that can be accessed.

  • max_age: How long, in seconds, the token will be valid. By default, tokens will be valid for 1 hour. Non-expiring tokens are not supported.

  • recipient: (Optional) A textual description of the recipient for which this token was intended. No validation is done with this data, however it is appended to the request as a X-API-Token-Recipient header by the accompanying DRF authentication scheme. This is for tracking purposes

NOTE: The tokens are signed via Django’s `signing <>`__ facility. It is important to know that the tokens are not encrypted, they are simply signed. For this reason, you should not include any sensitive/secret information in the tokens. For an example, notice how easy it is to view the contents of a signed string:

In [1]: from django.core import signing

In [2]: t = signing.dumps({'something-secret': 'hope nobody sees this'})

In [3]: print(t)

In [4]: import base64

In [5]: print(base64.urlsafe_b64decode(t.encode('utf8')))
b'{"something-secret":"hope nobody sees this"}5w\x8e\xcd\xeb\n\t\x1bA ,\xd0\xdb\xd0\xe8\xd8B`\x9b\xb29\xe2?\xed\x98'



pip install -r requirements-test.txt


pip install -r requirements-deploy.txt
python test clean build tag publish

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