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Log DRF requests on specified logger

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DRF Request logger

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A spinoff of the drf-tracking to forward the logging to the standard output instead of saving it in the database


pip install drf-tracking-logger


To use a specific logger name, set an environment variable TRACKING LOGGER.

The package provides a mixin LoggingMixin which you can include to your class based views to log the requests.


from rest_framework.generics import GenericAPIView
from rest_framework.mixins import ListModelMixin
from drf_tracking_logger.mixins import LoggingMixin

class AnyRandomView(LoggingMixin, ListModelMixin, GenericAPIView):


  • logging_methods : This attribute can used to strip down the request methods which needs to be logged. It logs all the methods by default.
  • should_log : This method can be used to customize the logic to determine the logging.
  • handle_log : You can override this method to change the logging behavior. It sends the log to the configured logger by default.
  • sensitive_fields : By default, any key name which has any of 'key', 'secret', 'password', 'signature' in its name, will get its value hidden. But you can extend this list by adding more using this attribute.

Logging Overview

You'll get these attributes for every request/response cycle to a view that uses the mixin:

Model field name Description Model field type
user User if authenticated, None if not Foreign Key
requested_at Date-time that the request was made DateTimeField
response_ms Number of milliseconds spent in view code PositiveIntegerField
path Target URI of the request, e.g., "/api/" CharField
view Target VIEW of the request, e.g., "views.api.ApiView" CharField
view_method Target METHOD of the VIEW of the request, e.g., "get" CharField
remote_addr IP address where the request originated (X_FORWARDED_FOR if available, REMOTE_ADDR if not), e.g., "" GenericIPAddressField
host Originating host of the request, e.g., "" URLField
method HTTP method, e.g., "GET" CharField
query_params Dictionary of request query parameters, as text TextField
data Dictionary of POST data (JSON or form), as text TextField
response JSON response data. This will be skipped for GET requests TextField
status_code HTTP status code, e.g., 200 or 404 PositiveIntegerField

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