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Use type annotations for request validation and serializer fields in Django REST Framework

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Django REST - Typed

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This project extends Django REST Framework to allow use of Python's type hints for automatically validating view parameters, as well as supporting typed attributes and annotation-generated fields on serializers.

Deriving automatic behavior from type annotations has become increasingly popular with the FastAPI and Django Ninja frameworks. The goal of this project is to provide these benefits to the DRF ecosystem.

Main benefits:

  • View inputs can be individually declared, not buried inside all-encompassing request objects.
  • Type annotations can replace repetitive view validation/sanitization code.
  • Simple serializers can have their fields auto-generated from annotations
  • Validated serializer data can be accessed from attributes, with their types known to the IDE
  • Pydantic models are compatible types for view parameters. Annotate your POST/PUT functions with them to automatically validate incoming request bodies.


Source Code:

Views Example

from rest_typed.views import typed_api_view

GET /users/registered/?registered_on=2019-03-03&staff=yes

def get_users(registered_on: date = None, staff: bool = None):
    print(registered_on, is_staff)
    # date(2019, 3, 3) True
    data = query_orm(registered_on, is_staff)
    return Response(data)

Serializers Example

from datetime import date
from rest_typed.serializers import TSerializer

class MovieSerializer(TSerializer):
    title: str          # same as: CharField(required=True, allow_null=False)
    release_date: date  # same as: DateField(required=True, allow_null=False)
    description = None  # same as: DateField(default=None)

movie = MovieSerializer(data={
  "title": "The Last Duel",
  "release_date": "2021-10-15",


    "title": "The Last Duel",
    "release_date": date(2021, 10, 15),
    "description": None

# Or access attributes directly:
print(movie.title) # The Last Duel
print(movie.release_date) # date(2021, 10, 15)

The IDE can help you understand types and auto-complete attributes:

Type Annotation

Type Annotation


Install using:

pip install drf-typed

Python 3.8 or higher is required.


0.3.0 (March 2023)

  • Adds support for nested serializers from type annotations.

0.2.0 (January 2022)

  • Fixes for finding packages

0.1.3 (October 2021)

  • Fixes for finding packages

0.1.1 (October 2021)

  • Docs improvements
  • Updates to include stubs package

0.1.0 (October 2021)

  • First release


Tests are found in a simplified Django project in the /tests folder. Install the project requirements and do ./ test to run them.


See License.

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