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High-level Web Object-managing framework on top of ZODB and Jinja2

Project description

Alpha Web framework & sample mini CMS.

Aims to be quite generic all-in-one-but-minimalistic web+database high-level framework.

Take a look at the (WIP) documentation at


Use “easy_install” or “pip” to get ‘jinja2’, ‘markdown’, ‘ZODB3’ and ‘whoosh’ installed on your system. Additionally you can install paste or gevent for better performances.

Example (at the DOS/Console/Shell prompt):

easy_install -U markdown

or, alternatively:

pip install -U markdown

Dependencies list:

  • markdown
  • jinja2
  • ZODB3
  • whoosh
  • fs


Just fetch the source archive and unpack it:

tar jxvf drink-0.0.10.tar.bz2


Just go into the unpacked drink directory and execute the “manage” script:

cd drink-0.0.10

If you run into troubles, try:

DEBUG=1 ./manage

Getting sources/Contributing

See GitHub page.

The main ideas behind

It should handle most of javascript, html & forms creation for you, for very fast prototype implementation.

Then you’r free to put your hands into html/css/js and customize to your precise requirements.

Some debugging middleware are supported, edit drink/settings.ini for details.


  • Add features at ONE place in ONE language (html/css/js may be required for some advanced/custom usages)
  • Be fast, with built-in search engine
  • Ajax (ajaj in fact) - with nice fallbacks for old browsers
  • No SQL
  • Website: as simple as a nested dict-like objects tree, endpoints (last element of URL) are object’s properties & methods
  • Make it as productive as possible for most generic tasks

Out of the box, it is something between a wiki and a cms, probably a good base for a lightweight web CMS / Intranet / Forum / etc!

Main Features

  • Built-in search engine

  • Multi-user with access control (group based) at each level

  • Automatic views and javascript-friendly requests, with regard to each object permissions

  • Automatic object edition’s form generation

  • Webpage edition live preview, client-side form validation

  • Comes with some pre-developped objects:

    • folder index (sortable with D&D)
    • file (upload your own file, also allows D&D)
    • Web page ( markdown only )
    • Simple TODO list/TODOs (WIP)

    And of course special elements like Groups & Users !.

  • Very user friendly (once doc will be there!)


  • no documentation yet (default manager account, login/password: admin/admin )
  • no auto tests yet
  • not very powerful yet

Release changes

  • Improved TODO Lists (fullcalendar included)
  • Now any TextArea can submit the form with Ctrl+Enter
  • Slightly better access/permissions redirects
  • Filesystem mountpoint (alpha)
  • Improved item addition a bit
  • Markdown have an almost correctly styled preview
  • Cleaner models
  • Embryo of documentation
  • As always: Fixes & Bugs


0.1 (wip)

  • add more types to default form edition
  • object_path => integrate it to markdown editor
  • buildbot & virtualenv
  • change cookie on password change
  • only accept object move if it succeded on server
  • allow custom extensions
  • Per-user group-list, showing in permissions panels
  • allow rss via
  • HomePage object: Login-splash+UserDashboard write user homepages (with login & passwd & name & surname change) / splash-like if not logged-in
  • think about comments ( as property of some Model ?) - commentlist ?
  • allow objects to add custom actions in admin bar
  • edit form: only send “dirty” values when possible
  • add some recursive permissions setter
  • “background processes” for each user / sessions
  • theme support (config entry + template & static path)
  • ensure proper checks are correct at server side
  • Form object?
  • find the cleanest way to make all incoming URLs ends with /
  • pack should call on whoosh
  • add calltips everywhere
  • default content for every user
  • review 401 handling, ask for login/passwd in case of new session (to be finished)
  • Think about opening WebFiles in mail client as attached file…
  • add markdown support to tasks comment
  • improve link support (javascript popup) in markdown so it’s easy to link tasks to any object


  • only returns requested range in TODO List
  • Rename Tasks/TODO List to calendar
  • remove Ctrl+Enter conflict on Markitup
  • /users as user => 401 (should list instead)
  • search => 401 by default (should be allowed)
  • mask file upload widget if File not available here
  • investigate fileupload D&D bugs
  • files >4GB are making crazy js loops
  • files ~>500MB may hang the request & cause timeout


  • zip importer
  • pdf with pypdf
  • doc
  • project support (using drink as a base)
  • integrate imgviewer (image folder type)



  • “real” sessions ?
  • chat program (introduce webhooks ?)


  • forum
  • more tests


  • gadgets (google search, rss reader, clock, xkcd, ?)


  • permissions setting admin object


  • user interface cleanup


  • doc & fix but minor improvements


  • stable release


  • homepage /user pages focus

Project details

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