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HST image combination using the drizzle algorithm to

Project description

# Drizzlepac

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Nightly regression test results are available only from within the STScI network at this time.

The use of this software on HST data is described at:

A complete description of the documented interfaces in the code itself can be found at:

# Installation

## Conda (Recommended)

`bash $ conda config --add channels $ conda create -n astroconda stsci `

## From Source

### Clone this repository `bash $ git clone $ cd drizzlepac `

### Build the documentation

Note: If you intend to use drizzlepac’s embedded help feature from within an interactive python or ipython session, we recommend you do not skip this step.

`bash $ python build_sphinx `

### Install drizzlepac

`bash $ python install `

##### SUPPORT for PIP Installation: Installation tools are evolving to rely on commands such as pip to build and install software. This package can now be installed using the following command:

`bash $ pip install . ` The option –no-use-pep517 MAY be required in order to correctly build the C extensions with pip versions up to 22.2, after commenting out the build-backend from the pyproject.toml config file.

Support for installing using `pip` is still evolving, so use of this command is provided on an experimental basis for now.

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