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Get notified on your desktop when your build finishes.

Project description


dronedesktopnotifier is a Python library to get notifications from a on your desktop, it filters for names and can be used to only notify in command line or with balloon notifications (windows and mac supported).


Use the package manager pip to install dronedesktopnotifier.

pip install dronedesktopnotifier
  • For mac and balloon notifications, install terminal-notifier
brew install terminal-notifier


  • Format
python -m dronedesktopnotifier https://drone.<yourdomain>.com/api < access token> --names <your github username(s)>
  • Example
python -m dronedesktopnotifier jsgjijgjgojJGJISGJSGOSG.jtkjfjafkGSJGJOSGJOJSOGI.jksgoafjHGJAJGJKAGJ --names AlxndrJhn


  • url this is the base url of the api of your system, something like, it will get all active repositories automatically

  • drone-api-token is your personal token from your system. You can find it at something like

Optional parameters

  • -n or --names list of space separated names (your GitHub name for example) that should trigger the notification, if not given, all builds will trigger the alarm.

  • -d or --delay delay in seconds (integer) between api request batches.

  • --balloon/--no-balloon in case you only want the terminal notification, the balloon is on by default.

  • --terminal-unicode/--no-terminal-unicode in case you only want the terminal notifications in ascii, unicode is used by default.

  • --terminal-color/--no-terminal-color in case you want colors in your terminal (requires termcolor package. Colors are on by default.


The terminal output

Fri 12:08:59 Checking 14 repositories for activity (last 30 days)
Fri 12:09:01 Active repositories found: ['mycompany/some-service', 'mycompany/some-ai', 'mycompany/labelstuff', 'mycompany/inspect_stuff', 'mycompany/cnn-stuff']
Fri 12:09:02 got information for 250 builds from, 48 are related to ['AlxndrJhn']
Fri 12:09:02 🔄  `running` `My pull request title` (AlxndrJhn)

There is one start-up message, it might be an error or as shown above, a success message. If some build is pending or running, it will output it immediatly.

The balloon output

  1. For windows, it appears in to bottom right corner. popup example windows

  2. For mac, it appears in the top left corner, clicking it opens the default webbrowser to the build log directly.

Known issues

none yet


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.



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