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Darksouls Save File Parser for fetching data issues

Project description

Darksouls Save File Parser
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* DSFP means Darksouls Save File Parser.
* `Dark Souls <>`_ is game of
Namco Bandai with pretty hard to get it finished without being killed.
Lot's of death, fun and broken gamepads/keyboards.

**DSFP** *serves* for getting/fetching your saved characters statistics purposes.

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Original source

Original source and some key knowledge were taken from this
`gist <>`_.

Common features
Supports fetching data about character's death, his/her general stats, hp and stamina.
Whole bunch of reversed stats you can see in datasheet document which is placed
`here <docs/datasheet.rst>`_

(*Help for reverse engineering DarkSouls save file is appreciated*).

For general installation you would probably need virtual environment with pip

Python 2.7
.. code-block:: bash

user@localhost$ virtualenv --no-site-packages venv
user@localhost$ source venv/bin/activate
user@localhost$ pip install -r requirements/base.txt


.. code-block:: bash

user@localhost$ pip install -r requirements/docs.txt

Python 3.x
document build requirements stored in py3.txt

.. code-block:: bash
user@localhost$ virtualenv --no-site-packages venv3
user@localhost$ source venv3/bin/activate
user@localhost$ pip install -r requirements/py3.txt

* python 2.7
* python 3.3
* python 3.4

Simply run ``python test`` or
You could run tests via `python -m unittest module` or via `` script

.. code-block:: bash

user@localhost$ ./ tests.TestDSFPReader

Fast Usage
You can parse Dark Souls save files and get data in standard python
dictionary format

.. code-block:: python

>>> import dsfp
>>> ds = dsfp.DSSaveFileParser('saves/DRAKS0005.sl2')
>>> data = ds.get_stats()
>>> data
'attunement': 8, 'body': 0, 'class': 0, 'color': 0, 'deaths': 0,
'dexterity': 13, 'earned': 60, 'endurance': 12, 'face': 0, 'faith': 9,
'gift': 0, 'hairs': 0, 'hp': 594, 'hp2': 594, 'hp_current': 594,
'humanity': 0, 'intelligence': 9, 'level': 4,
'male': False, # False means female
'name': u'TEST_2', 'resistance': 11, 'souls': 60, 'stamina': 95,
'stamina2': 95, 'stamina3': 95, 'strength': 13,
'time': 62, # in seconds
'vitality': 11

There's no many information about Dark Souls save file format (as well as the
other games), so there's not much complete around its format.
Some knowledge represented `here <docs/datasheet.rst>`_.

Please notify me here or by email (tarvitz [at]
if you have something interesting around whole file format.

Whole bunch of the docs you can read by clicking this link
` <>`_


.. note::

Huge buch of data now represented in datasheets are still not covered in
dsfp "api" just cause whole file-format and its datasheet is the main priority.
You can use it for build your own parser or just read some non-random data
from *.sl2 files.
Though dsfp is not complete as it should, please search/read information in
the docs mentioned above.

I have no certain roadmap for this project and I inspect the data whenever I want
to do it. In general these moments could be very short/long from time to time. So don't
expect me finishing this work to some certain moment or something clear enough.

Use ``./scripts/`` and the other scripts (or may be another methods) to inspect
data you need, contact me if you want to share them and have fun ;).

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