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Add Azure dataset support to dtool

Project description

PyPi package


  • Copy datasets to and from Azure storage

  • List all the datasets in a Azure storage account

  • Create datasets directly in Azure storage


To install the dtool-azure package:

pip install dtool-azure


Install the Azure command line client via:

pip install azure-cli

(you may wish to install this in a virtual environment)


az login

To log into Azure.

Then you need to run (changing the resource name/group as appropriate):

az storage account show-connection-string --name jicinformatics --resource-group jic_informatics_resources_ukwest

Then create the file .config/dtool/dtool.json and add the Azure account name and key using the format below:


Changing the account name and key as appropriate. For example if the account name was “jicinformatics” and the key “some-secret-token”:

    "DTOOL_AZURE_ACCOUNT_KEY_jicinformatics": "some-secret-token"


To copy a dataset from local disk (my-dataset) to an Azure storage account (jicinformatics) one can use the command below:

dtool copy ./my-dataset azure://jicinformatics/

To list all the datasets in an Azure storage account one can use the command below:

dtool ls azure://jicinformatics/

See the dtool documentation for more detail.

Configuring the local dtool Azure cache

When fetching items from a dataset, for example using the dtool item fetch command, the content of the item is cached in a file on local disk. The default cache directory is ~/.cache/dtool/azure.

One may want to change this directory. For example, if working on a HPC cluster to set it to a directory that lives on fast solid state disk. This can be achieved by setting the DTOOL_AZURE_CACHE_DIRECTORY environment variable. For example:

mkdir -p /tmp/dtool/azure
export DTOOL_AZURE_CACHE_DIRECTORY=/tmp/dtool/azure

Alternatively, when using the dtool command line interface one can add the DTOOL_AZURE_CACHE_DIRECTORY key to the ~/.config/dtool/dtool.json file. For example:

   "DTOOL_AZURE_CACHE_DIRECTORY": "/tmp/dtool/azure"

If the file does not exist one may need to create it.

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