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Dtool plugin for creating datasets

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pip install dtool-create


Create a proto dataset:

dtool create my_dataset

Add some data to to the dataset:

cp *.csv my_dataset/data

Add descriptive metadata to the dataset:

dtool readme interative my_dataset

Convert the proto dataset to a dataset by freezing it:

dtool freeze my_dataset

See the dtool documentation for more detail.

Configuring the descriptive metadata template

It is possible to configure the required metadata prompted for by the dtool readme interactive command. The default template is the dtool_create/templates/README.yml.

One may want to create a custom YAML file specifying the required metadata that will be prompted for. This can be achieved by setting the DTOOL_README_TEMPLATE_FPATH environment variable, e.g.:

export DTOOL_README_TEMPLATE_FPATH=~/dtool_readme.yml

Alternatively, one can add the DTOOL_README_TEMPLATE_FPATH key to the ~/.config/dtool/dtool.json file. For example,

   "DTOOL_README_TEMPLATE_FPATH": "/Users/olssont/dtool_readme.yml"

If the ~/.config/dtool/dtool.json file does not exist one may need to create it.

Configuring the user’s full name and email for the descriptive metadata

When running the dtool interactive readme the default name and email address are Your Name and These defaults can be configured by setting the DTOOL_USER_FULL_NAME DTOOL_USER_EMAIL environment variables.

export DTOOL_USER_FULL_NAME="Care A. Bout-Data"

Alternatively, one can add the DTOOL_USER_FULL_NAME and DTOOL_USER_EMAIL keys to the ~/.config/dtool/dtool.json file. For example,

   "DTOOL_USER_FULL_NAME": "Care A. Bout-Data",

If the ~/.config/dtool/dtool.json file does not exist one may need to create it.

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