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dubbo adaptor for python

Project description

dubbo-py 是一个用Python3进行dubbo协议编解码和service、client模拟的Library,开发它的目的是用于对现有dubbo服务进行功能自动化测试,包括模拟dubbo的provider和consumer。

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pip3 install dubbo-py


# 作为Server
from dubbo.codec.hessian2 import DubboResponse
from dubbo.server import DubboService

def remote_max(nums):
    return max(nums)

def remote_divide(a, b):
    return a / b

service = DubboService(12358, 'demo')
service.add_method('com.myservice.math', 'max', remote_max)
service.add_method('com.myservice.math', 'divide', remote_divide)
# service.register('', '1.0.0')  # register to zookeeper
service.start()  # service run in a daemon thread

# 作为Client
from dubbo.client import DubboClient

client = DubboClient('', 12358)
resp = client.send_request_and_return_response(service_name='com.myservice.math', method_name='max', args=[[1, 2, 3, 4]])
print(resp.ok)   # True
print(  # 4
print(resp.error)  # None

resp = client.send_request_and_return_response(service_name='com.myservice.math', method_name='divide', args=[1, 0])
print(resp.ok)   # False
print(  # None
print(resp.error)  # division by zero

也可以构造Java Object来请求,如:

# client
from dubbo.codec.hessian2 import new_object
from dubbo.client import DubboClient

client = DubboClient('', 12358)
# 构造一个Java Object为com.demo.test的参数
arg = new_object(
    param={'name': 'hello', 'value': 'world'},
resp = client.send_request_and_return_response(

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