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Dustforce level scripting framework

Project description


Dustmaker is a Python library for reading, manipulation, and writing binary files used by Dustforce, primarily level files.


Documentation can be found at


Install with pip through PyPi using

python -m pip install dustmaker

or clone this repository and install using

./ install

Command Line Tool

Dustmaker comes with a few command line tools that can be accessed through running the dustmaker module.

$ python -m dustmaker --help
... listing of available utilities
$ python -m dustmaker transform --upscale 2 downhill big_downhill
... creates upscaled version of downhill and saves to "big_downhill"

Example: Creating a new level from scratch

from dustmaker.level import Level
from dustmaker.tile import Tile, TileShape
from dustmaker.dfwriter import DFWriter

# Create a new empty level and add some tiles.
level = Level() = b"my level!"
level.virtual_character = True
for i, shape in enumerate(TileShape):
    level.tiles[(19, 2 * i, i)] = Tile(shape)

# Automatically figure out edge solidity and connectivity flags

# Write level to a file
with DFWriter(open("mylevel.dflevel", "wb")) as writer:

Example: Counting how many apples are in a level

from dustmaker.dfreader import DFReader
from dustmaker.entity import Apple

with DFReader(open("mylevel.dflevel", "rb")) as reader:
    level = reader.read_level()

apples = 0
for x, y, entity in level.entities.values():
    if isinstance(entity, Apple):
        apples += 1

print(f"Level has {apples} apples")

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