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Digilent's DWF library wrapper

Project description

What is this?

This is a python library for controlling Analog Discovery and Electronics Explorer series presetned by Digilent inc. This library needs Waveforms SDK.

I tested this library with Analog Discovery 2 and Waveforms 2015 in below environment.

  • python 3.5.1, python 2.7.10 on OSX 10.11

  • python 3.4.3, python 2.7.6 on Ubuntu 14.04LTS

  • python 3.5.1 on Windows 7

I wrote this library for supporting python 2.6, 2.7, 3.3 or above.

This software is released under the MIT License, see LICENSE.txt.


You can install the latest stable version from PyPI:

pip install dwf

or if you prefer, install it from this repo like this:

python install

API of this library

This library has two sets of API. There are Function-based API and Class-based API.

Function-based API

This API is like as C functions which supplied by Digilent. But some modifications are applied for pythonic-way programming.

  1. When error is returned by SDK, the exception DWFError is raised.

  2. All output values, which are passed by reference, are changed to return-value of function.

  3. Arrays of parameters are converted from/to python’s list.


SDK version check in C language is like as:

char version[32];
printf("DWF version: %s\n", version);

With this library using function-based API, same code is translated to:

version = dwf.FDwfGetVersion()
print("DWF version: " + version)

Another example is here. This piece of code is quoted from analogout_custom.c in Waveforms SDK sample.

HDWF hdwf;
double rgdSamples[4096];
for (int i = 0; i < 4096; i++) rgdSamples[i] = 2.0*i/4095-1;

FDwfDeviceOpen(-1, &hdwf);
FDwfAnalogOutNodeSet(hdwf, 0, AnalogOutNodeCarrier, true);
FDwfAnalogOutNodeFunctionSet(hdwf, 0, AnalogOutNodeCarrier, funcCustom);
FDwfAnalogOutNodeDataSet(hdwf, 0, AnalogOutNodeCarrier, rgdSamples, 4096);

In python with this library, like as:

rgdSamples = []
for i in range(4096): rgdSamples.append(2.0*i/4095-1)

hdwf = dwf.FDwfDeviceOpen()
dwf.FDwfAnalogOutNodeSet(hdwf, 0, dwf.AnalogOutNodeCarrier, True)
dwf.FDwfAnalogOutNodeFunctionSet(hdwf, 0, dwf.AnalogOutNodeCarrier, dwf.funcCustom)
dwf.FDwfAnalogOutNodeDataSet(hdwf, 0, dwf.AnalogOutNodeCarrier, rgdSamples)

Class-based API

Class-based APIs are made from function-based APIs. Documents of this API is now writing.

This API has below function and classes.


Device enumeration. This function returns list of DwfDevice.

class DwfDevice

call FDwfEnum*() functions.

class Dwf

call FDwfDevice*() functions.

class DwfAnalogIn

call FDwfAnalogIn*() functions.

class DwfAnalogOut

call FDwfAnalogOut*() functions.

class DwfAnalogIO

call FDwfAnalogIO*() functions.

class DwfDigitalIO

call FDwfDigitalIO*() functions.

class DwfDigitalIn

call FDwfDigitalIn*() functions.

class DwfDigitalOut

call FDwfDigitalOut*() functions.

With this API, example code is translated to

rgdSamples = []
for i in range(4096): rgdSamples.append(2.0*i/4095-1)

dwf_ao = dwf.DwfAnalogOut()
dwf_ao.nodeSet(0, dwf_ao.NODE.CARRIER, True)
dwf_ao.nodeFunctionSet(0, dwf_ao.NODE.CARRIER, dwf_ao.FUNC.CUSTOM)
dwf_ao.nodeDataSet(0, dwf_ao.NODE.CARRIER, rgdSamples)

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