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Easy to manage Config variables separate from App code. Useful while developing and deploying( CI/CD) django web-apps

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Project configuration variables are declared beforehand and inferred from environment variables or configuration files. Useful while developing and deploying( CI/CD) django web-apps

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pip install dynamic-conf


  • supports .env or .py files
  • supports casting with type annotations
  • You also don't need to include a sample file. Since the Config object would be able to generate itself.
  • It also loads Configuration variables from environment variables. The order of preference is env variables >
  • Attributes are lazily evaluated.

Getting Started

  • You need to subclass the Config class.
  • The config file should define all the variables needed for a project.
# project/

from dynamic_conf import Config, REQUIRED

class CONFIG(Config):
    """singleton to be used for configuring from os.environ and"""

    # default settings

    ENV = "prod" # optional field with a default value

    DB_NAME = "db"
    DB_HOST = ""
    DB_USER = "postgres"
    DB_PASS = None # even None could be given as default value

    SECRET_KEY:str # Python 3 only
    AN_SECRET_KEY = REQUIRED # Python 2 & 3
  • to create project/ just run with the path to CONFIG class's module
# you could pass environment variables or set already with export
env DB_PASS='123' dynamic-conf project/

dynamic-conf project/ DB_USER='user-1' DB_PASS='123' # pass as list of key-value pair

#to filter environment variables with a prefix
env VARS_PREFIX="PROD_" dynamic-conf project/ PROD_DB_USER="user-2"


  • To use the config simply import and use particular attribute
# project/
from conf import CONFIG
    "default": {
        "ENGINE": "django.contrib.gis.db.backends.postgis",
        "PORT": "5432",

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