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Python 3 compatible library for DynamoDB

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Dynamo3 is a library for querying DynamoDB. It is designed to be higher-level than boto (it’s built on top of botocore), to make simple operations easier to perform and understand.


  • Mypy-typed API

  • Python object wrappers for most AWS data structures

  • Automatic serialization of built-in types, with hooks for custom types

  • Automatic paging of results

  • Automatic batching for batch_write_item

  • Exponential backoff of requests when throughput is exceeded

  • Throughput limits to self-throttle requests to a certain rate

  • Nose plugin for running DynamoDB Local

DynamoDB features that are not yet supported

  • Reading from streams

  • Adding/removing tags on a table

  • Table backups

  • Scanning with segments

  • Table replicas (Global tables version 2019.11.21)

  • Table auto scaling

  • DAX

Note that you can still access these APIs by using, though you may prefer to go straight to boto3/botocore.



  • Removed the legacy API (scan, query, update_item, delete_item, put_item, get_item)

  • Renamed the new API methods to match the old ones (e.g. scan2 -> scan, query2 -> query)

  • Moved constant values into dynamo3.constants. This is where you can now find STRING, BINARY, etc

  • Added mypy typing where possible

  • Drop support for Python 2

  • Add support for table billing mode (aka on-demand tables)

  • Add support for SSE, TTL, and transactions


  • Fixed DynamoDB Local link in testing framework


  • Feature: Result objects from get_item have an exists flag

  • Feature: wait keyword for create and delete table


  • Bug fix: Scans/Queries could return incomplete results if AWS returned an empty Items list


  • New RateLimit class to avoid blowing through your provisioned throughput


  • New Limit class for more complex query limit behavior

  • Bug fix: Scan and Query with Select='COUNT' will page results properly


  • batch_get supports alias arg for ExpressionAttributeNames


  • Make connection stateless again. Puts consumed_capacity into response object and fixes mystery crash.


  • Bug fix: getting ConsumedCapacity doesn’t crash for BatchGetItem and BatchWriteItem

  • Feature: connection.default_return_capacity

  • Feature: hooks for precall, postcall, and capacity

  • Better handling of ConsumedCapacity results


  • Feature: New methods to take advantage of the newer expression API. See get_item2, put_item2.

  • Feature: Shortcut use_version for switching over to the new APIs.


  • Feature: update_table can create and delete global indexes

  • Feature: New methods to take advantage of the newer expression API. See scan2, query2, update_item2, and delete_item2.


  • Migrating to botocore client API since services will be deprecated soon


  • Bug fix: Serialization of blobs broken with botocore 0.85.0


  • Bug fix: Crash when parsing description of table being deleted


  • Breakage: Dropping support for python 3.2 due to lack of botocore support

  • Feature: Support JSON document data types

Features thanks to DynamoDB upgrades:


  • Tweak: Nose plugin allows setting region when connecting to DynamoDB Local


  • Feature: New, unified connect method


  • Feature: More expressive ‘expected’ conditionals

  • Feature: Queries can filter on non-indexed fields

  • Feature: Filter constraints may be OR’d together

Features thanks to DynamoDB upgrades:


  • Bug fix: sometimes crash after deleting table

  • Bug fix: DynamoDB Local nose plugin fails


  • Bug fix: serializing ints fails


  • Feature: Allow access_key and secret_key to be passed to the DynamoDBConnection.connect_to_* methods


  • First public release

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