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A framework for content-based routing of records in a Dynamodb Stream to the callable that should handle them

Project description


WARNING - Version 0.0.6 is a breaking change from version 0.0.5. Please review the documentation before upgrading

Provies a framework for mapping records in a Dynamodb stream to callables based on the event name (MODIFY, INSERT, DELETE) and content.


pip install dynamodb-stream-router


  • Routes are determined by examining the eventName in the dynamodb section of the DynamoDB stream Record and through a condition which examines the contents of the Record.
  • Conditions can either be a callable that takes a RouteRecord and returns True or False, or it may be a string expression that will be parsed into a callable. See below for the expression language.
  • Routes have a priority, which is honored in an acending order. If multiple matching routes have the same priority, they will be executed in random order (concurrectly, if an executor is provided)
  • Routes are matched based on a RouteRecord, which is a helper class that (lazily) deserializers the DynamoDB item structure (used in Keys, NewImage and OldImage) into Python types, exactly in the same way that the boto3 dynamodb Table resource does.
  • Route handling functions take a RouteRecord and can return anything. The return value is not used by the framework.


Keywords and types:

Type Description Example
VALUE A quoted string (single or double quote), integer, or float representing a literal value 'foo', 1, 3.8
$OLD A reference to RouteRecord.old_image $
$NEW A reference to RouteRecord.old_image $
PATH A path starting from a root of $OLD or $NEW. Can be specified using dot syntax or python style keys. When using dot reference paths must conform to python's restrictions. $, $, $OLD["foo"]
INDEX An integer used as an index into a list or set $[0]


Symbol Action
& Logical AND
| Logical OR
() Statement grouping
== Equality
!= Non equality
> Greater than
>= Greater than or equal to
< Less than
<= Less than or equal to
=~ Regex comparison PATH =~ 'regex' where 'regex' is a quoted VALUE

Comparison operators, except for regex comparison, can compare PATH to VALUE, PATH to PATH, or even VALUE to VALUE.


Function Arguments Description
has_changed(VALUE, VALUE) VALUE - Comma separated list of quoted values Tests $OLD and $NEW. If value is in one and not the other, or in both and differs, the the function will return True. Returns True if any key meets conditions.
is_type(PATH, TYPE)
  • PATH - The path to test in the form of $</li
  • TYPE - A Dynamodb type. Can be one of S, SS, B, BS, N, NS, L, M, or BOOL
Tests if PATH exists and the VALUE at PATH is of type TYPE.
attribute_exists(PATH) PATH - The path to test Returns True if the provided path exists
from_json(PATH) PATH - The path to decode Returns object decoded using simplejson.loads()


from dynamodb_stream_router import on_insert, on_modify, on_remove, on_operations, Operation, route_records, RouteRecord

@on_insert("$ == 'bar'", 0)
def print_new_record(record: RouteRecord) -> None:

def test_old_foo(record: RouteRecord) -> bool:
    return record.old_image["foo"] == "bar2"

@on_remove(test_old_foo, 0)
def print_old_record(record: RouteRecord) -> None:

@on_modify("has_changed('foo') & attribute_exists($", 1)
def print_changed_foo(record: RouteRecord) -> None:
    print(f'{record.old_image.get("foo")} -> {record.new_image.get("foo")}')

@on_operations({Operation.INSERT, Operation.MODIFY, Operation.REMOVE}, 1)
def hello_world(record: RouteRecord) -> str:
    return "Hello, DB STREAM"

def lambda_handler(event, context):

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