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High performance, thread safe traversing tool for AWS DynamoDB

Project description


High performance, thread safe, hackable traversing tool for AWS DynamoDB based on aioboto3.

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Prerequisite: python 3.8+ and aioboto3>=6.4.1 (bleeding edge)

Run following command to install requirements:

pip install aioboto3

Next, install dynamodb-traverse by running:

pip install dynamodb-traverse

To uninstall dynamodb-traverse, run:

pip uninstall dynamodb-traverse


Here's a sample program to traverse through a demo table called "default":

import asyncio
import time

from dynamodb_migration.counter import AsyncCounter
from dynamodb_migration.main import DynamoDBClient, cardinality
import dynamodb_migration.ddb_const as cst

if __name__ == '__main__':
    loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

    # dynamodb-migration will look at your aws credentials defined at ~/.aws/credentials and pick up a profile named 'prod-api'
    # make sure it's correctly align to your environment
    client = DynamoDBClient(queue=asyncio.Queue(loop=loop), **{'profile': 'prod-api'})

    config_table_name = 'default'

    if True:
        # a counter to keep counting items being scanned
        counter = AsyncCounter()

        # here we define a coroutine as main entrance of our program
        async def main():

            # async context manager for dynamodb 
            async with client.get_dynamodb() as dynamodb:
                table = dynamodb.Table(config_table_name)

                # check API document section for complete schema of the parameters 
                await client.traverse(
                        cst.PRODUCER: {
                            cst.SOURCE_TABLE: table,
                            cst.THREAD_COUNT: 3,
                            cst.SCAN_BATCH_SIZE: 35,
                            # INDEXNAME: 'indexname'
                        cst.CONSUMER: {
                            cst.THREAD_COUNT: 3,
                            cst.FUNCTION: cardinality,
                            cst.TIMEOUT: 3,
                            cst.ARGS: [AsyncCounter()]

        start = time.perf_counter()
        elapsed = time.perf_counter() - start
        print(f'finished in {elapsed:0.5f} sec')

create client

client = DynamoDBClient(


  • queue (Queue) [REQUIRED] - (async) in memory buffer queue
    • event_loop (loop) [REQUIRED] - if use async queue, a loop need to be specified
  • profile (string) [REQUIRED] - name of aws profile to use, which is defined in .aws/credentials
  • local (boolean) [OPTIONAL] - a flag to indicate if it's local or prod env. Default to True.
  • kwargs [OPTIONAL] - check boto3 for advanced usage


       'producer': {
           'source': 'string',
           'TotalSegments': 'number',
           'Limit': 'number',
           'IndexName': 'string',
       'consumer': {
           'TotalSegments': 'number',
           'function': 'function_label',
           'timeout': 'number',
           'args': 'list',


  • producer (hash) [REQUIRED] - a hash describing the producer thread

    • source (string) [REQUIRED] - name of the source table in dynamodb
    • TotalSegments (number) [REQUIRED] - same in boto3
    • Limit (number) [REQUIRED] - same in boto3
    • IndexName (string) [OPTIONAL] - name of the source table index. If specified, we are scanning data from target index, instead of full table.
    • kwargs (OPTIONAL) check boto3 for more advanced usage.
  • consumer (hash) [REQUIRED] - a hash describing the consumer thread

    • TotalSegments (number) - same in boto3
    • function (function_label) - pass a function to this consumer!
    • args (list) - pass a list of args to the function you just supplied. currently we only support position based args
    • timeout (number) - how many second should consumer wait if there's no work load available to it

Benchmark (in progress)

Road map

We are currently working on a distributed traversing tool that takes traversing tasks execution to next level. So stay tuned!

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