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General utils for interacting with aws resources.

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e2fyi-utils is an e2fyi namespaced python package with utils subpackage (i.e. e2fyi.utils) which holds a collections of useful helper classes and functions to interact with various cloud resources.

API documentation can be found at


version description
v0.1.0a1 Initial release. Support AWS S3 bucket.
v0.1.0a1.post1 Add README to pypi.
v0.1.0a2 Fix bug: include requirements.txt into


pip install e2fyi-utils

S3 bucket with preset prefix

from import S3Bucket

# upload a dict to s3 bucket
S3Bucket("foo").upload("some_folder/some_file.json", {"foo": "bar"})

# creates a s3 bucket with std prefix rule
foo_bucket = S3Bucket("foo", get_prefix=lambda prefix: "some_folder/%s" % prefix)
foo_bucket.upload("some_file.json", {"foo": "bar"})  # some_folder/some_file.json

Uploading to S3 bucket

import logging

import pandas as pd

from import S3Bucket
from pydantic import BaseModel

# s3 bucket with prefix rule
s3 = S3Bucket("foo", get_prefix=lambda prefix: "some_folder/%s" % prefix)

# check if upload is successful
result = s3.upload("some_file.txt", "hello world")
if not result.is_ok:

# upload string as text/plain file
s3.upload("some_file.txt", "hello world")

# upload dict as application/json file
s3.upload("some_file.json", {"foo": "bar"})

# upload pandas df as text/csv and/or application/json files
df = pd.DataFrame([{"key": "a", "value": 1}, {"key": "b", "value": 2}])
s3.upload("some_file.csv", df, content_type="text/csv", index=False)  # extra kwargs can be passed to pandas.to_csv method
s3.upload("some_file.json", df, content_type="application/json", orient="records")  # extra kwargs can be passed to pandas.to_json method

# upload pydantic models as application/json file
class KeyValue(BaseModel):
    key: str
    value: int
model = KeyValue(key="a", value=1)
s3.upload("some_file.json", model)

Listing contents inside S3 buckets

from import S3Bucket

# list files

# list files inside "some_folder/"


import logging

from e2fyi.utils.core import Result

def load_from_file(filepath: str) -> Result[string]:
    """loads the content of a file."""
        with open(filepath, "r") as fp:
            return Result(
    except IOError as err:
        return Result(exception=err)

data = load_from_file("some_file.json")

# print with a default value fallback
print(data.with_default("default value"))

# print data if ok, else log exception
if data.is_ok:

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