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Django app for generating sample data

Project description

eadred is a Django-app for generating sample data.

Why? Here are the use cases we’re solving:

Use Case 1: Contributors

Mildred wants to contribute to your Django project, but your Django project is non-trivial and out of the box it’s not very usable because it needs data.

However, you’re using eadred, so in your setup documentation, you have a one-liner that generates all the sample data Mildred needs to start hacking immediately.

Use Case 2: Bootstrapping

Willhelm wants to set up an instance of your Django project. It requires certain non-trivial initial data to be in place before it works.

However, you’re using eadred, so in your setup documentation, you have a one-liner that generates all the initial data needed.

Use Case 3: Large amounts of random data

Phylida is a hacker on your Django project and trying to fix bugs with a section of code that requires large amounts of data—say it’s one of those things that graphs data sets or something.

You’re using eadred, so it’s a one-liner to generate a large set of initial data.

“Wait, use cases 1 and 2 are easily solved with Django and fixtures!”

I think fixtures are good for specific use cases where your models aren’t changing and you have some contributor who likes entering in data to build the initial fixtures. Having said that, I don’t use fixtures.

eadred allows you to programmatically generate the data using model makers, factories, fixtures, random seeds—whatever your needs are.

Additionally, eadred provides library functions to make generating data easier.

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BSD 3-clause; see LICENSE file

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