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Listen, monitor and archive your streams!

Project description


Listen, monitor and archive your streams!


If you need to listen or archive an Icecast stream, you will need ffmpeg:

sudo apt install ffmpeg

Install earhorn from pip (install the s3 extra to upload the segment to an s3 bucket):

pipx install earhorn
pipx install earhorn[s3]

You can start archiving an Icecast stream by providing a stream url and an archive path:

earhorn \
  --stream-url \

You can also start exporting the Icecast stats as prometheus metrics by providing an Icecast stats url:

earhorn \
  --stats-url \
  --stats-user admin \
  --stats-password hackme


docker pull


Usage: earhorn [OPTIONS]


  If a `.env` file is present in the current directory, it will be loaded and can be used to pass environment
  variables to this tool.


  The storage can be defined using a path to a local directory or an url to an s3 bucket. Segments will be saved on
  the storage you specified.

  To use an s3 bucket, you need to install the `s3` extras (`pip install earhorn[s3]`), use `s3://bucket-name` as
  value for the `--archive-path` option and export the s3 bucket credentials listed in the table below:

  | Variable                | Description                               | Example                     |
  | ----------------------- | ----------------------------------------- | --------------------------- |
  | AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID       | The access key for your bucket user       | AKIA568knmklmk              |
  | AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY   | The secret key for your bucket user       | mi0y84wu498zxsasa           |
  | AWS_S3_ENDPOINT_URL     | The endpoint to your s3 bucket (optional) | |
  | AWS_S3_REGION_NAME      | Region of your s3 bucket                  | us-east-2                   |

  Example: export AWS_S3_ENPOINT_URL=""


  To change the segments duration or format, see the ffmpeg documentation for details
  about the available options:

  --listen-port INTEGER           Listen port for the prometheus metrics endpoint.  [default: 9950]
  --hook PATH                     Path to a custom script executed to handle stream state `events`.
  --stats-url TEXT                URL to the icecast admin xml stats page.
  --stats-user TEXT               Username for the icecast admin xml stats page.  [default: admin]
  --stats-password TEXT           Password for the icecast admin xml stats page.
  --stream-url TEXT               URL to the icecast stream.
  --silence-detect-noise TEXT     Silence detect noise.  [default: -60dB]
  --silence-detect-duration TEXT  Silence detect duration.  [default: 2]
  --archive-path PATH             Path or url to the archive storage, supported storage are local filesystem and s3.
                                  If defined, the stream will be archived in the storage as segments.
  --archive-segment-filepath TEXT
                                  Archive segment filepath.  [default:
  --archive-segment-size INTEGER  Archive segment size in seconds.  [default: 3600]
  --archive-segment-format TEXT   Archive segment format.  [default: ogg]
  --archive-segment-format-options TEXT
                                  Archive segment format options.
  --archive-copy-stream           Copy the `stream` without transcoding (reduce CPU usage). WARNING: The stream has to
                                  be in the same format as the `--archive-segment-format`.
  --help                          Show this message and exit.


To develop this project, start by reading the Makefile to have a basic understanding of the possible tasks.

Install the project and the dependencies in a virtual environment:

make install
source .venv/bin/activate
earhorn --help

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