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Data slurper for getting stuff from Earthchem services

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Earthchem & PyData

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This project wraps the Earthchem web services to provide easy access to geochemical data from IEDA in ready-to-use format in your favourite PyData environment.

Maintainer: Jess Robertson (jesse.robertson at

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So why would I want to use this?

Say you wanted to know how many Archean-aged samples have been submitted to IEDA by your colleague named Dr S Barnes:

>>> import earthchem
>>> q = earthchem.Query(
>>> q.count()

Nice, let's take a look at the compositions of these

>>> df = q.dataframe()
>>> df.head()
Downloading pages: 100%|██████████| 18/18 [00:29<00:00,  1.66s/it]

Table output

Hmm looks like Dr Barnes is a bit of a komatiite expert

>>> fig = df.mgo.hist()
>>> fig.set_xlabel('MgO (wt %)')
>>> fig.set_ylabel('Sample count')

Plot output

Maybe we'd like to see this as a ternary plot instead...

>>> earthchem.plot.ternaryplot(df, components=['mgo', 'al2o3', 'cao'])

Plot output

If spiderplots are more your thing we have you covered too (although we have to make up some data for this one...):

>>> reels = ec.geochem.REE(output='string')
>>> df = pd.DataFrame({k: v for k,v in zip(reels, np.random.rand(len(reels), 2))})
>>> ec.plot.spiderplot(df)

Plot output

Great, I'm sold. How do I get it?

Provided you have python installed, this library is just a pip install earthchem away.

If you don't have Python we recommend taking a look at the marvellous Anaconda distribution - just pick your relevant platform download from here.

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