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Simple Python logging lib

Project description


Simple and Easy Logger lib for python

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  • Now This lib is Stable.
  • I am created this lib because i want use easy logging lib.
  • Important(To Work --logfile) : You need to put in same folder with your main file.
  • Known Bug : You need to place next to the file that uses this lib.


  • Clone this repo:

     $ git clone
  • Using pip:

     $ pip install easylogging


  • First you need import lib for your file and Set name :

      import easylogging
  • Use the functions you need:

    • easylogging.critical(msg)
    • easylogging.error(msg, exc_info) default: exc_info=False
    • easylogging.warning(msg) or easylogging.warn(msg)
    • easylogging.debug(msg)
  • You can start logging from Cmd or PowerShell :

      $ Python --logging --logfile
      usage: [--logging] [--logfile]
      optional arguments:
        --logging            Display log in Console
        --logfile            Create log file
  • After first run you will see new file logging.conf :

    • Change level number to display log in console without --logging (0 display all level).
    • Change file_level number to set level in log file with --logfile (50 hide all level).
      - This option work on --logfile without use --logging (if use --logging file write all level)
  • in Version 1.1.0 : Now you can show and hide error info from logging.conf :

    - Show Error info (easylogging.error(msg, exc_info))
    - True or False or None
    - * (None) means that exc_info takes the value entered from the user, example: easylogging.error(msg, exc_info=True)
  • in Version 1.1.2 : Fix DeprecationWarning:

    - Fix warn function
  • in Version 1.1.3 : Fix input msg:

    - You can know input (int or any value) , example:
      easylogging.error(msg) ; msg = 10
  • in Version 1.2.0 : Important Fixes:

    - You don't need to place next to the file that uses this lib.
    - File level in logging.conf work on --logfile without use --logging (if use --logging file write all level)
    - V 1.2.0 is stable version and ready to use.
  • Level table :

    Level Numeric value
    ERROR 40
    WARNING 30
    INFO 20
    DEBUG 10
    NOTSET 0
  • You can see test file to know how this lib is work.


Copyright 2018 LinePY - ALI B OTHMAN(AI35), Inc.


   Licensed under the GNU License , you may not use this
   file except in compliance with the License.
   You may obtain a copy of the License at :
ALI .B .OTH - ORG : LinePY

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