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Common OS attributes in a user-friendly format.

Project description

A convenience-dictionary of common operating-system information needed while writing code.

Update 4-Jan 2015: Moved support to Python 3.x

Getting easyos:


pip install easyos

Using easyos is easy:

To list all the keys, simply import and print easyos:

$ python
>>> from pprint import pprint
>>> from easyos import easyos
    {'current_gid': 20,
     'current_uid': 501,
     'current_user': 'tfisher',
     'current_user_desktop': '/Users/tfisher/Desktop',
     'current_user_group': 'staff',
     'homedir': '/Users/tfisher',
     'os': 'Darwin',
     'platform': 'Darwin-14.4.0-x86_64-i386-64bit',
     'python_installed_packages': ['easyos==2.2',
     'python_version': '3.4.3',
     'python_version_feature_branch': '3.4',
     'python_version_major': '3',
     'release': '10.10.4',
     'tmp_dir': '/var/folders/k6/dzxr5tss2kn_2tbbk_jfk4c40000gn/T',
     'type': 'Darwin'}

To use easyos in a script, simply call the relevant key:

if easyos['os'] == 'Darwin' and easyos['python_version'] == '3.4.2':
    print("Python3 on OS X.")

Abstract away the tedious bits of cross-platform coding:

with open (easyos['tmp_dir']+'/script', 'w') as log:
    message = "wow that's easy"

New features / Pull requests:

Make a pull request with your change or addition and I’ll merge it if nudges the module in the right direction.

As a non-Windows user, I’m unlikely to add more Windows attributes, but if you need something added, simply branch, make a pull request, and I’ll likely merge.

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