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Python packages - the simple way.

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Python packages - the simple way.


Had to code Python so ended up abstracting out these Python package related utilities to be able to deal with Python packages which is in a sad state in comparison to most other language environments.


  • Easy package (system) load paths - because package imports and load paths in Python makes adults cry.

  • Easy package tag/release - because package tag/release management should not be done by hand, fallback on conventions.


Install using pip:

pip install easypackage


How to to make use of easypackage in various ways:


Create a package.json in package root folder (e.g. mypackage) - see Node.js specification, in lack of such for Python.

Easy package load paths

In any package source file:

# e.g. `~/dev/projects/mypackage/foo/`

def hello:

In any other package source file:

# e.g. `~/dev/projects/mypackage/bar/`

from easypackage import syspath as easysyspath

# add `~/dev/projects/mypackage` to Python system path unless already added

from import foo


And so on.

Easy package tag/release (WIP/TBA)

In file in package project root:

from easypackage import release as easyrelease


To tag/release a new version to Git, simply add/update a valid semver version tag in package.json - according to Node.js specification - and then run python

Currently not submitted to any Python package register, but will probably be added soon.


Released under the MIT license.

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