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EasyPost Shipping API Client Library for Python

Project description

EasyPost Python Client Library

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EasyPost is the simple shipping API. You can sign up for an account at


  • Python 2.7 or 3.3+ (or corresponding PyPy versions). Note that we only test on Python 2.7 and 3.5+; we strongly recommend against using 3.3.x or 3.4.x as they are no longer supported by many libraries.
  • requests >= v2.4.3 (if not on Google App Engine) (will be installed automatically)
  • six (will be installed automatically)

Looking for a client library for another language? Check out


You can install easypost via pip with:

pip install easypost

Alternatively, you can clone the EasyPost python client repository:

git clone


python install

Import the EasyPost client:

import easypost


import easypost
easypost.api_key = '<YOUR API KEY FROM>'

# create and verify addresses
to_address = easypost.Address.create(
    name = "Dr. Steve Brule",
    street1 = "179 N Harbor Dr",
    street2 = "",
    city = "Redondo Beach",
    state = "CA",
    zip = "90277",
    country = "US",
    phone = "310-808-5243"
from_address = easypost.Address.create(
    name = "EasyPost",
    street1 = "118 2nd Street",
    street2 = "4th Floor",
    city = "San Francisco",
    state = "CA",
    zip = "94105",
    country = "US",
    phone = "415-456-7890"

# create parcel
    parcel = easypost.Parcel.create(
        predefined_package = "Parcel",
        weight = 21.2
except easypost.Error as e:
    if e.param is not None:
        print('Specifically an invalid param: %r' % e.param)

parcel = easypost.Parcel.create(
    length = 10.2,
    width = 7.8,
    height = 4.3,
    weight = 21.2

# create customs_info form for intl shipping
customs_item = easypost.CustomsItem.create(
    description = "EasyPost t-shirts",
    hs_tariff_number = 123456,
    origin_country = "US",
    quantity = 2,
    value = 96.27,
    weight = 21.1
customs_info = easypost.CustomsInfo.create(
    customs_certify = 1,
    customs_signer = "Hector Hammerfall",
    contents_type = "gift",
    contents_explanation = "",
    eel_pfc = "NOEEI 30.37(a)",
    non_delivery_option = "return",
    restriction_type = "none",
    restriction_comments = "",
    customs_items = [customs_item]

# create shipment
shipment = easypost.Shipment.create(
    to_address = to_address,
    from_address = from_address,
    parcel = parcel,
    customs_info = customs_info

# buy postage label with one of the rate objects = shipment.rates[0])
# alternatively: = shipment.lowest_rate())


# Insure the shipment for the value



Up-to-date documentation is available at:

Client Library Development


  1. Add new features to
  2. Bump the version in easypost/
  3. Bump the version in
  4. Create and push a signed git tag
  5. Create a Release in Github based on the tag, with a human-readable summary of changes
  6. Build sdist and wheel: rm -rf build/ dist/ ./*.egg-info; python3 sdist bdist_wheel
  7. Push to PyPI with twine upload dist/*

Running Tests

To run tests:

  • Create a virtualenv for your version of Python (e.g., python2.7 -m virtualenv venv)
  • Install dependencies in that virtualenv (./venv/bin/pip install requests six)
  • Install test dependencies (./venv/bin/pip install -r requirements-tests.txt)
  • Export $TEST_API_KEY and $PROD_API_KEY appropriately (these are set automatically for CI)
  • Run the tests with py.test (./venv/bin/py.test -vs tests)

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