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Easy-to-use implementations of well-known recommender system algorithms based on Python Tensorflow 2.

Project description

## Introduction

easyrec is an open-sourced and easy-to-use recommender system toolbox based on tensorflow 2.

## License

This project is released under the [MIT License](

## Features

model | source |
—- | —- |
Logisitic Regression (LR) | |
Multi-layer Perceptron (MLP) | |
Factorization Machine (FM) | Steffen Rendle. Factorization Machines. ICDM. 2010. |
Deep Structured Semantic Model (DSSM) | Po-Sen Huang et al. Learning Deep Structured Semantic Models for Web Search using Clickthrough Data. CIKM. 2013. |
Field-aware Factorization Machine (FFM) | Yuchin Juan et al. Field-aware Factorization Machines for CTR Prediction. RecSys. 2016. |
Deep Crossing | Ying Shan et al. Deep Crossing: Web-Scale Modeling without Manually Crafted Combinatorial Features. KDD. 2016. |
Factorization-machine supported Neural Network (FNN) | Weinan Zhang. Deep Learning over Multi-field Categorical Data – A Case Study on User Response Prediction. ECIR. 2016. |
Product-based Neural Network (PNN) | Yanru Qu et al. Product-based Neural Networks for User Response Prediction. ICDM. 2016. |
Wide & Deep | Heng-Tze Cheng et al. Wide & Deep Learning for Recommender Systems. RecSys. 2016. |
Attentional Factorization Machine (AFM) | Jun Xiao et al. Attentional Factorization Machines:Learning the Weight of Feature Interactions via Attention Networks. arXiv. 2017. |
Neural Factorization Machine (NFM) | Xiangnan He et al. Neural Factorization Machines for Sparse Predictive Analytics. SIGIR. 2017. |
Neural Matrix Factorization (NMF) | Xiangnan He et al. Neural Collaborative Filtering. WWW. 2017. |
Deep & Cross Network (DCN) | Ruoxi Wang et al. Deep & Cross Network for ad Click Predictions. ADKDD. 2017. |
Deep Factorization Machine (DeepFM) | Huifeng Guo et al. DeepFM: A Factorization-Machine based Neural Network for CTR Prediction. arXiv. 2017. |
Extreme Deep Factorization Machine (xDeepFM) | Jianxun Lian et al. xDeepFM: Combining Explicit and Implicit Feature Interactions for Recommender Systems. KDD. 2018. |
Multi-gate Mixture-of-Experts (MMOE) | Jiaqi Ma et al. Modeling Task Relationships in Multi-task Learning with Multi-gate Mixture-of-Experts. KDD. 2018. |
Automatic Feature Interaction (AutoInt) | AutoInt: Automatic Feature Interaction Learning via Self-Attentive Neural Networks. CIKM. 2019. |

## Installation

` pip install easyrec-python `

## Getting Started

Please refer to the [documentation]( for the basic usage of easyrec.

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