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simple client for Trakt.TV api

Project description

alt travis build alt codecov alt pypi version alt requires alt pypi downloads


pip install easytrakt


from easytrakt import Client
client = Client()
search_results ="The Big Lebowski")
movie = search_results[0]
assert movie.title == "The Big Lebowski"

with OAuth you need a session with a token this libary does not take care of OAuth authentcation but can use a OAuth2Session from requests_oauthlib

# you get this stuff from the oauth process
token = {
    "access_token": "",
    "created_at": 1433447370,
    "expires_in": 7776000,
    "expires_at": 1441223370.73398,
    "token_type": "bearer",
    "scope": ["public"],
    "refresh_token": ""
from requests_oauthlib import OAuth2Session
session = OAuth2Session(your_app_client_id, token=token)

from easytrakt import Client
client = Client(session)
search_results = client.shows("Dexter")
show = search_results[0]
assert show.title == "Dexter"
# all ids are behind 'ids'
assert show.ids.trakt == 1396
# the trakt id has a short version
assert show.ids.trakt == show.trakt
# for a show/movie it's also the .id
assert show.trakt ==

# or if you have the trakt id
from easytrakt.models import Show
# still need a client ...
dexter = Show(client, 1396)
for season in dexter.seasons:
    print season.number
    print season.images.poster.medium
    for episode in season.episodes:
        print episode.number
        print epidode.title
        print episode.first_air_date
        print episode.images.screenshot.full

every attribute is build dynamically, to get all keys on the current level call .keys() of any model class

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