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Easywave Library

Project description

Python Easywave library

Library and CLI tool for interacting with Eldat RX09 Easywave transceiver.


  • Python 2.7 or 3.6 (or higher)


This package is a library for interacting with an Eldat RX09 Easywave transceiver. See I created this to be able to control my window screens. Specification of how to use the transceiver: I don't know if this also works Niko Easywave, so be my guest to test it...


.. code-block:: bash

$ pip install easywave

Usage of Easywave CLI

.. code-block::

$ easywave -h
Command line interface for easywave library.

  easywave [-v | -vv] [options]
  easywave [-v | -vv] [options] <command> <id>
  easywave (-h | --help)
  easywave --version

  -p --port=<port>   Serial port to connect to [default: auto detect],
                       or TCP port in TCP mode.
  --baud=<baud>      Serial baud rate [default: 57600].
  --host=<host>      TCP mode, connect to host instead of serial port.
  -m=<handling>      How to handle incoming packets [default: event].
  -h --help          Show this screen.
  -v                 Increase verbosity
  --version          Show version.

Command can be code "A", "B", "C" or "D". ID is channel id.

Intercept and display Easywave packets:

.. code-block::

$ easywave
packet {'header': 'receive', 'id': '1c14a3', 'command': 'A'}

Send a command:

.. code-block::

$ easywave A 01

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