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OpenStack Ec2api Service

Project description


Support of EC2 API for OpenStack. This project provides a standalone EC2 API service which pursues two goals:

  1. Implement VPC API
  2. Create a standalone service for EC2 API support.



The EC2 API service gets installed on port 8788 by default. It can be changed before the installation in script.

The services afterwards can be started as binaries:


or set up as Linux services.

Installation in devstack:

In order to install ec2-api with devstack the following should be added to the local.conf or localrc the following line:

enable_plugin ec2-api

Devstack installation with ec2-api and ec2api-tempest-plugin for development: 1. install packages: awscli, git, python3, python3-devel, ruby 2. clone devstack repository

git clone
  1. grant all permissions for your user for directory: “/opt”
  2. create folder “/opt/stack/logs/”
  3. clone repository “ec2api-tempest-plugin” to stack folder:
git clone /opt/stack/ec2api-tempest-plugin
  1. create local.conf:
enable_plugin ec2-api
enable_plugin neutron-tempest-plugin
  1. go to devstack folder and start installation
cd ~/devstack/
  1. check installed devstack
source ~/devstack/accrc/admin/admin
tempest list-plugins
ps -aux | grep "ec2"
aws --endpoint-url http://<IP-ADDRESS> --region <REGION> --profile admin ec2 describe-images
openstack catalog list
openstack flavor list
openstack image list
sudo journalctl -u devstack@ec2-api.service
  1. run integration tests (ec2 tempest test)
cd /opt/stack/tempest
tox -eall -- ec2api_tempest_plugin --concurrency 1
tox -eall ec2api_tempest_plugin.api.test_network_interfaces.NetworkInterfaceTest.test_create_max_network_interface
  1. run ec2-api unit tests
cd /opt/stack/ec2-api
tox -epy36 ec2api.tests.unit.test_security_group.SecurityGroupTestCase.test_describe_security_groups_no_default_vpc

To configure OpenStack for EC2 API metadata service:

for Nova-network


metadata_port = 8789
service_metadata_proxy = True

to /etc/nova.conf

then restart nova-metadata (can be run as part of nova-api service) and nova-network services.

for Neutron


nova_metadata_port = 8789

to /etc/neutron/metadata_agent.ini

then restart neutron-metadata service.

S3 server is intended only to support EC2 operations which require S3 server (e.g. CreateImage) in OpenStack deployments without regular object storage. It must not be used as a substitution for all-purposes object storage server. Do not start it if the deployment has its own object storage or uses a public one (e.g. AWS S3).


Download aws cli from Amazon. Create configuration file for aws cli in your home directory ~/.aws/config:

aws_access_key_id = 1b013f18d5ed47ae8ed0fbb8debc036b
aws_secret_access_key = 9bbc6f270ffd4dfdbe0e896947f41df3
region = us-east-1

Change the aws_access_key_id and aws_secret_acces_key above to the values appropriate for your cloud (can be obtained by “openstack ec2 credentials list” command).

Run aws cli commands using new EC2 API endpoint URL (can be obtained from openstack cli with the new port 8788) like this:

aws –endpoint-url ec2 describe-instances

Supported Features and Limitations

  • DryRun option is not supported.
  • Some exceptions are not exactly the same as reported by AWS.
AWS Component Command Functionality group Limitations
  bold - supported, normal - supported with limitations, italic -not supported    
VPC AcceptVpcPeeringConnection cross-VPC connectivity not supported
EC2, VPC AllocateAddress addresses  
  AllocateHosts dedicated hosts not supported
  AssignIpv6Addresses network interfaces not supported
VPC AssignPrivateIpAddresses network interfaces allowReassignment parameter
EC2, VPC AssociateAddress addresses  
VPC AssociateDhcpOptions DHCP options  
VPC AssociateRouteTable routes  
  AssociateSubnetCidrBlock subnets not supported
  AssociateVpcCidrBlock VPC not supported
VPC AttachClassicLinkVpc cross-VPC connectivity not supported
VPC AttachInternetGateway internet gateways  
VPC AttachNetworkInterface network interfaces  
EC2, EBS AttachVolume volumes  
VPC AttachVpnGateway VPN  
EC2, VPC AuthorizeSecurityGroupEgress security groups EC2 classic way to pass cidr, protocol, sourceGroup, ports parameters
EC2, VPC AuthorizeSecurityGroupIngress security groups EC2 classic way to pass cidr, protocol, sourceGroup, ports parameters
  BundleInstance tasks,s3 not supported
  CancelBundleTask tasks,s3 not supported
  CancelConversionTask tasks,s3 not supported
  CancelExportTask tasks,s3 not supported
  CancelImportTask tasks,s3 not supported
  CancelReservedInstancesListing market not supported
  CancelSpotFleetRequests market not supported
  CancelSpotInstanceRequests market not supported
  ConfirmProductInstance product codes not supported
EBS CopyImage image provisioning not supported
EBS CopySnapshot snapshots,s3 not supported
VPC CreateCustomerGateway VPC gateways BGPdynamicrouting
VPC CreateDhcpOptions DHCP options  
  CreateEgressOnlyInternetGateway VPC gateways not supported
  CreateFlowLogs infrastructural not supported
EBS CreateImage images blockDeviceMapping parameter
  CreateInstanceExportTask tasks,s3 not supported
VPC CreateInternetGateway VPC gateways  
EC2 CreateKeyPair key pairs  
  CreateNatGateway NAT gateways not supported
VPC CreateNetworkAcl ACL not supported
VPC CreateNetworkAclEntry ACL not supported
VPC CreateNetworkInterface network interfaces  
  CreatePlacementGroup clusters not supported
  CreateReservedInstancesListing market not supported
VPC CreateRoute routes vpcPeeringConnection parameter
VPC CreateRouteTable routes  
EC2, VPC CreateSecurityGroup security groups  
EBS CreateSnapshot snapshots  
  CreateSpotDatafeedSubscription market not supported
VPC CreateSubnet subnets availabilityZone parameter
EC2 CreateTags tags  
EBS CreateVolume volumes iops, encrypted, kmsKeyId parameters
VPC CreateVpc VPC  
VPC CreateVpcEndpoint cross-VPC connectivity not supported
VPC CreateVpcPeeringConnection cross-VPC connectivity not supported
VPC CreateVpnConnection VPN BGP dynamic routing
VPC CreateVpnConnectionRoute VPN  
VPC CreateVpnGateway VPN BGP dynamic routing
VPC DeleteCustomerGateway VPC gateways  
VPC DeleteDhcpOptions DHCP options  
  DeleteEgressOnlyInternetGateway VPC gateways not supported
  DeleteFlowLogs infrastructural not supported
VPC DeleteInternetGateway VPC gateways  
EC2 DeleteKeyPair key pairs  
  DeleteNatGateway NAT gateways not supported
VPC DeleteNetworkAcl ACL not supported
VPC DeleteNetworkAclEntry ACL not supported
VPC DeleteNetworkInterface network interfaces  
EC2 DeletePlacementGroup clusters not supported
VPC DeleteRoute routes  
VPC DeleteRouteTable routes  
EC2, VPC DeleteSecurityGroup security groups  
EBS DeleteSnapshot snapshots  
  DeleteSpotDatafeedSubscription market not supported
VPC DeleteSubnet subnets  
EC2 DeleteTags tags  
EBS DeleteVolume volumes  
VPC DeleteVpc VPC  
VPC DeleteVpcEndpoints cross-VPC connectivity not supported
VPC DeleteVpcPeeringConnection cross-VPC connectivity not supported
VPC DeleteVpnConnection VPN  
VPC DeleteVpnConnectionRoute VPN  
VPC DeleteVpnGateway VPN  
EBS DeregisterImage images  
EC2 DescribeAccountAttributes infrastructural vpc-max-security-groups-per-interface, max-elastic-ips, vpc-max-elastic-ips attributes
EC2, VPC DescribeAddresses addresses  
EC2 DescribeAvailabilityZones availability zones  
  DescribeBundleTasks tasks,s3 not supported
VPC DescribeClassicLinkInstances cross-VPC connectivity not supported
  DescribeConversionTasks tasks,s3 not supported
VPC DescribeCustomerGateways gateways  
VPC DescribeDhcpOptions DHCP options  
  DescribeEgressOnlyInternetGateways VPC gateways not supported
  DescribeExportTasks tasks,s3 not supported
  DescribeFlowLogs infrastructural not supported
  DescribeHosts dedicated hosts not supported
  DescribeIdentityIdFormat resource IDs not supported
  DescribeIdFormat resource IDs not supported
EBS DescribeImageAttribute images productCodes, sriovNetSupport attributes
EBS DescribeImages images  
  DescribeImportImageTasks tasks,s3 not supported
  DescribeImportSnapshotTasks tasks,s3 not supported
EC2 DescribeInstanceAttribute instances same limitations as for ModifyInstanceAttribute
EC2, EBS, VPC DescribeInstances instances  
  DescribeInstanceStatus monitoring not supported
VPC DescribeInternetGateways gateways  
EC2 DescribeKeyPairs key pairs  
VPC DescribeMovingAddresses infrastructural not supported
  DescribeNatGateways NAT gateways not supported
VPC DescribeNetworkAcls ACL not supported
VPC DescribeNetworkInterfaceAttribute network interfaces  
VPC DescribeNetworkInterfaces network interfaces  
EC2 DescribePlacementGroups clusters not supported
VPC DescribePrefixLists cross-VPC connectivity not supported
EC2 DescribeRegions availability zones RegionNameparameter
  DescribeReservedInstances market not supported
  DescribeReservedInstancesListings market not supported
  DescribeReservedInstancesModifications market not supported
  DescribeReservedInstancesOfferings market not supported
VPC DescribeRouteTables routes  
  DescribeScheduledInstanceAvailability scheduled instances not supported
  DescribeScheduledInstances scheduled instances not supported
  DescribeSecurityGroupReferences security groups not supported
EC2, VPC DescribeSecurityGroups security groups cidr, protocol, port, sourceGroup parameters
EBS DescribeSnapshotAttribute snapshots not supported
EBS DescribeSnapshots snapshots  
  DescribeSpotDatafeedSubscription market not supported
  DescribeSpotFleetInstances market not supported
  DescribeSpotFleetRequestHistory market not supported
  DescribeSpotFleetRequests market not supported
  DescribeSpotInstanceRequests market not supported
  DescribeSpotPriceHistory market not supported
  DescribeStaleSecurityGroups security groups not supported
VPC DescribeSubnets subnets  
EC2 DescribeTags tags  
EBS DescribeVolumeAttribute volumes not supported
EBS DescribeVolumes volumes  
  DescribeVolumeStatus monitoring not supported
VPC DescribeVpcAttribute VPC not supported
VPC DescribeVpcClassicLink cross-VPC connectivity not supported
  DescribeVpcClassicLinkDnsSupport cross-VPC connectivity not supported
VPC DescribeVpcEndpoints cross-VPC connectivity not supported
VPC DescribeVpcEndpointServices cross-VPC connectivity not supported
VPC DescribeVpcPeeringConnections cross-VPC connectivity not supported
VPC DescribeVpcs VPC  
VPC DescribeVpnConnections VPN  
VPC DescribeVpnGateways VPN  
VPC DetachClassicLinkVpc cross-VPC connectivity not supported
VPC DetachInternetGateway VPC  
VPC DetachNetworkInterface network interfaces  
EC2, EBS DetachVolume volumes instance_id, device, force parameters
VPC DetachVpnGateway VPN  
VPC DisableVgwRoutePropagation VPN  
VPC DisableVpcClassicLink cross-VPC connectivity not supported
  DisableVpcClassicLinkDnsSupport cross-VPC connectivity not supported
EC2, VPC DisassociateAddress addresses  
VPC DisassociateRouteTable DisassociateSubnetCidrBlock routes subnets not supported
  DisassociateVpcCidrBlock VPC not supported
VPC EnableVgwRoutePropagation VPN  
EBS EnableVolumeIO monitoring not supported
VPC EnableVpcClassicLink cross-VPC connectivity not supported
  EnableVpcClassicLinkDnsSupport cross-VPC connectivity not supported
EC2 GetConsoleOutput instances  
  GetConsoleScreenshot instances not supported
EC2 GetPasswordData instances  
  ImportImage tasks,s3 not supported
  ImportInstance tasks,s3 not supported
EC2 ImportKeyPair keypairs  
  ImportSnapshot tasks,s3 not supported
  ImportVolume tasks,s3 not supported
  ModifyHosts dedicated hosts not supported
  ModifyIdentityIdFormat resource IDs not supported
  ModifyIdFormat resource IDs not supported
EBS ModifyImageAttribute images productCodes attribute
EC2 ModifyInstanceAttribute instances only disableApiTermination, sourceDestCheck,instanceType supported
  ModifyInstancePlacement dedicated hosts not supported
VPC ModifyNetworkInterfaceAttribute network interfaces  
  ModifyReservedInstances market not supported
EBS ModifySnapshotAttribute snapshots not supported
  ModifySpotFleetRequest market not supported
VPC ModifySubnetAttribute subnets not supported
EBS ModifyVolumeAttribute volumes not supported
VPC ModifyVpcAttribute VPC not supported
VPC ModifyVpcEndpoint cross-VPC connectivity not supported
  ModifyVpcPeeringConnectionOptions cross-VPC connectivity not supported
  MonitorInstances monitoring not supported
VPC MoveAddressToVpc infrastructural not supported
  PurchaseReservedInstancesOffering market not supported
  PurchaseScheduledInstances scheduled instances not supported
EC2 RebootInstances instances  
EBS RegisterImage images virtualizationType, sriovNetSupport parameters
VPC RejectVpcPeeringConnection cross-VPC connectivity not supported
EC2, VPC ReleaseAddress addresses  
  ReleaseHosts dedicated hosts not supported
VPC ReplaceNetworkAclAssociation ACL not supported
VPC ReplaceNetworkAclEntry ACL not supported
VPC ReplaceRoute routes  
VPC ReplaceRouteTableAssociation routes  
  ReportInstanceStatus monitoring not supported
  RequestSpotFleet market not supported
  RequestSpotInstances market not supported
EBS ResetImageAttribute images  
EC2 ResetInstanceAttribute instances same limitations as for ModifyInstanceAttribute
VPC ResetNetworkInterfaceAttribute network interfaces  
EBS ResetSnapshotAttribute snapshots not supported
VPC RestoreAddressToClassic infrastructural not supported
EC2, VPC RevokeSecurityGroupEgress security groups EC2 classic way to pass cidr, protocol, sourceGroup, ports parameters
EC2, VPC RevokeSecurityGroupIngress security groups EC2 classic way to pass cidr, protocol, sourceGroup, ports parameters
EC2, VPC, EBS RunInstances instances placement, block_device_mapping partial support, monitoring, iamInstanceProfile, ebsOptimized, shutdownInitiatedInstanceBehavior parameters
  RunScheduledInstances scheduled instances not supported
EC2 StartInstances instances  
EC2 StopInstances instances  
EC2 TerminateInstances instances  
  UnassignIpv6Addresses network interfaces not supported
VPC UnassignPrivateIpAddresses network interfaces  
  UnmonitorInstances monitoring not supported

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