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A client wrapper for blue

Project description

ECMind blue client

A client wrapper for blue.

Deprecation warning

  • From Mai 2024, ecmind_blue_client.com_client is no longer supported nor tested.
  • From Mai 2024, ecmind_blue_client.soap_client is no longer supported nor tested.


pip install ecmind_blue_client


The workflow consists roughly of the following:

  • Create a new Client() connection using a client implementation. There are four implementations:
    • SoapClient() in the module ecmind_blue_client.soap_client: Connect with a SOAP connection string
    • ComClient() in the module ecmind_blue_client.com_client: Connect by using the COM class on Windows
    • TcpClient() in the module ecmind_blue_client.tcp_client: Directly talk to a server via protlib.
      • Use TcpClient.Connection() in a with block/context.
    • TcpPoolClient() in the module ecmind_blue_client.tcp_pool_client
  • Create a new Job() with a job name and provide/add job input parameters and optional job input file parameters
  • Execute the Job() with the Client() instance and consume the result
    • result.result_code returns the blue result code
    • result.values is a dict of output parameters
    • result.files is a list of output file parameters
    • result.error_messages is a string of the servers error response or None if result_code == 0
>>> from ecmind_blue_client.soap_client import SoapClient
>>> client = SoapClient(self.endpoint, 'TestApp', 'root', 'optimal')
>>> test_job = Job('krn.GetServerInfo', Flags=0, Info=6)
>>> result = client.execute(test_job)
>>> print(result.values['Value'])


from ecmind_blue_client import SystemFields
from ecmind_blue_client.tcp_pool_client import TcpPoolClient as Client

# Connect with DMS
client = Client(
    connection_string="localhost:4000:100", # Balancing setup for the used Client class `TcpPoolClient`
    appname="Test-Script",                  # Instance name, visible in the enterprise manager

# Query a folder
query = client.lol_query(

# Iterate over folder results
for dossier in query:
    print(                                                 # Output some infos
        dossier["OBJECT_ID"],                              # OBJECT_ID is added per defaults
        dossier['OBJECT_CRDATE'].strftime("%Y-%m-%d"),     # Manually added system field from line 16
        (f"{dossier['FirstName']} {dossier['LastName']}"), # Manually added objdef fields from line 17 & 18

# Check that we have found a least one folder
assert dossier and "OBJECT_ID" in dossier

# Import a test document into the last found folder
import_result = client.xml_import(
        "Type": "Invoice"
        "Type": "Invoice"
    files = ["invoice.pdf"]

# Check if the import was successful and output OSID
assert import_result, import_result.error_message
print(import_result.import_action, import_result.object_id)

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ecmind_blue_client-0.7.0.tar.gz (34.3 kB view hashes)

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ecmind_blue_client-0.7.0-py3-none-any.whl (42.0 kB view hashes)

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