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A modern and responsive design Sphinx theme

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Editorial is a theme for Sphinx, focused to facilitate the reading of the documentation to allow to use the entire width of the screen, your design is responsive and adapts to any device

Live example of this theme can be seen on:

This template is based on Editorial by HTML5 UP (, just made the changes needed to use it at the Sphinx.


  • Easy installation, does not make any extra settings

  • Clean and simple design

  • Responsive, adaptable from mobile devices to PC

  • Hide sidebar with one click

  • Integrated and optional support for Google Analytics


Via package

Download the package or add it to your requirements.txt file:

$ pip install editorial_sphinx_theme

In your file:

import editorial_sphinx_theme

html_theme = "editorial_sphinx_theme"

html_theme_path = [editorial_sphinx_theme.get_html_theme_path()]

Via git or download

You can install it directly from the Git repository, keep in mind that this will download the last changes made that may not be stable and lead to failures. For sites in production try to use the version available in PyPi.

There are two main branches ‘master’ with stable code and ‘develop’ with the latest modifications made.

Symlink or subtree the editorial_sphinx_theme/editorial_sphinx_theme repository into your documentation at docs/_themes/editorial_sphinx_theme then add the following two settings to your Sphinx file:

Branch master

pip install -e git+

Branch develop

pip install -e git+
html_theme = "editorial_sphinx_theme"
html_theme_path = ["_themes", ]



Basic tools or functions


Include a button in the lower right corner to return to the top of the page.


Navigation buttons at the end of the page, to go to the previous and next page.


Navigation buttons at the end of the sidebar, to go to the previous and next page.

Repo info

Information related to the used repository


Name of the repository service, for example GitLab. This name will be displayed in some parts of the page.


Repository address, for example:

Google Analytics [Optional]


This indicates the Google Analytics ID used by this service, if you do not pass any value the javascript script will not load on the page. The value must have the format “UA-XXXXX-Y”.


This option indicates which version of the Google Analytics script to use, for more information in your website

Fork Me Ribbon [Optional]

You can enable the use of a ribbon in a corner of the page, with the legend “Fork me on <repo_name>” and the destination url is the repository specified in the ‘repo_url’

The options that you can use are as follows:


It enables the use, only loaded if it is equal to ‘True’.


Where shown, take the following locations: left-top, right-top, left-bottom, right-bottom


If you pass ‘True’ to this option, the ribbon will be shown with the CSS property fixed, and as we scroll on the page will continue showing in the same corner.

How To Contribute

  • Check for open issues or open a fresh issue to start a discussion around a feature idea or a bug.

  • Fork the repository on GitHub to start making your changes, preferably create a branch to dump these changes.

  • Run or write tests to make sure everything works correctly.

  • Send a pull request when you have finished


This template is distributed under the GNU General Public License v3 (GPLv3) license, for more information see the file LICENSE.

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