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EEA DaViz is a plone product which uses Exhibit and Google Charts API to easily create data visualizations based on data from csv/tsv, JSON, SPARQL endpoints and more.

Project description

EEA Daviz product
EEA Daviz is a plone product for data visualizations. You can generate attractive
and interactive charts and combine them in a dashboard with facets/filters
which updates the charts simultaneously. Data can be uploade as CSV,TSV or you can
specify SPARQL to query Linked open data servers (sparql endpoints).

At the moment Simile Exhibit and Google Charts visualizations are supported.

The first Semantic web data visualisation tool for Plone.


.. contents::


It is simple to use, needs no desktop application, everything is done
through the web by uploading an "excel file", CSV, TSV. You can also query
the "web of data" via public available sparql endpoints.

You can easily make visualizations like:

See also initial project wiki page
for the reasoning behind this project.

Main features

The main features are:

1. no desktop tools needed to make visualizations. all web based.
2. data input: easy copy and paste of data table from any webpage or excel sheet
3. data input: drag-and-drop your data from CSV/TSV files, and we do the rest
4. data input advanced: retrieve data from any SPARQL endpoint on the fly
5. Intuitive visualization editor to create interactive charts.
6. Large amount of visualizations available: Area, Bar, \
Bubble, Candlestick, Column, Combo Chart, Gauge, Geo Intensity Maps, Line, Pie, Radar, Scatter, Stepped Area, Table, Tree Map, Motion Charts, Faceted search table, Faceted tiles, Faceted timeline, Faceted map and more...
7. Dashboard. Group charts into one dashboard.
8. Share any chart. Embeddabe visualization in any webpage.
9. Customizable chart options and colors
10. Data table manipulation via drag and drop, preparing table for chart
11. Pivot table (Transpose), tranform row values into columns and viceversa
12. Modular framework for extending it with more visualizations
13. And much more...

More details about how to use this package can be found at the following link:



To install eea.daviz into the global Python environment (or a workingenv),
using a traditional Zope 2 instance, you can do this:

* When you're reading this you have probably already run
``easy_install eea.daviz``. Find out how to install setuptools
(and EasyInstall) here:

* If you are using Zope 2.9 (not 2.10), get `pythonproducts`_ and install it

python install --home /path/to/instance

into your Zope instance.

* Create a file called ``eea.daviz-configure.zcml`` in the
``/path/to/instance/etc/package-includes`` directory. The file
should only contain this::

<include package="eea.daviz" />

.. _pythonproducts:

Alternatively, if you are using zc.buildout and the plone.recipe.zope2instance
recipe to manage your project, you can do this:

* Add ``eea.daviz`` to the list of eggs to install, e.g.::

eggs = eea.daviz

* Tell the plone.recipe.zope2instance recipe to install a ZCML slug::

recipe = plone.recipe.zope2instance
zcml = eea.daviz

* Re-run buildout, e.g. with::

$ ./bin/buildout

You can skip the ZCML slug if you are going to explicitly include the package
from another package's configure.zcml file.


1. Plone 4.x
2. eea.exhibit
3. p4a.z2utils
4. collective.js.jqueryui
5. rdflib
6. eea.sparql
7. eea.googlecharts

Live demos

Eurostat data employment rates 2000-2010 (demo using Linked Data):

GHG vs GDP in Europe 1990 - 2009 (demo using Linked Data)

GHG national emissions reporting to UNFCC (Simile Exhibit demo with TSV)

Google charts demos:

MIT Simile Exhibit demos:

Source code

Latest source code (Plone 4 compatible):

Plone 2 and 3 compatible:

Copyright and license

The Initial Owner of the Original Code is European Environment Agency (EEA).
All Rights Reserved.

The EEA Daviz (the Original Code) is free software;
you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU
General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation;
either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later

More details under docs/License.txt


1. Simile Wiki - Exhibit 2.0:
2. Simile widgets:
3. EEA Daviz howto:
4. EEA Daviz backlog wiki:
5. Google charts:


EEA_ - European Enviroment Agency (EU)

.. _EEA:


4.4 - (2012-03-30)
* Feature: added documentation and links on how to examples and
how prepare data for visualizations.
[demarant #4995]
* Change: added default workflow mapping for daviz visualization.
[demarant #5002]
Upgrade step: if you have already been using daviz visualization
you would need to migrate the instances to the new workflow states.
Plone > Site setup > Types > choose Daviz Visualization and
the new worklow to folder_workflow. Define the states mapping as
you prefer.
* Upgrade step: Within "Plone > Site setup > Add-ons" click on
upgrade button available for eea.daviz
* Feature: Updated Daviz Visualization fields help to provide examples and
[voineali #4995]
* Change: do not show duplicates of sparql and json data when adding existing
data. show only last version. Upgrade step (not needed for EEA production):
ZMI > portal_setup > profile "EEA Daviz" > import Possible relations settings
[demarant #5003]
* Feature: Refactoring to be able to use eea.googlecharts or eea.exhibit as
standalone packages or as part of eea.daviz visualization bundle.
[voineali #4996]

4.3 - (2012-03-05)
* Bug fix: restricted data sources relations to exhibit json or sparql queries.
Upgrade step:
ZMI > portal_setup > profile "EEA Daviz" > import Possible relations settings
[demarant #4919]
* Change: The new UI expects eea.googlecharts and eea.sparql, therefore they are
now an integral part of this product and declared as dependencies.
* Change: Renamed DavizPresentation to DavizVisualization. [demarant]
* Change: removed label widget for data input, no need for it,
we have already many headings. [demarant]
* Change: Re-group DavizPresentation AT Schema
[voineali #4980]
* Change: Reordered the data input fields. Most common scenarion on top.
[demarant #4980]
* Upgrade step: Within "Plone > Site setup > Add-ons" click on
upgrade button available for eea.daviz
* Fixed: Support case insensitive column types in CSV files
[voineali #4975]
* Feature: Also support CSV or any other *SV file by auto-detecting dialect
[voineali #4977]
* Feature: Added SpreadSheet field to DavizPresentation Schema in order
to easily copy & paste TAB separated text as data source
[voineali #4967]
* Feature: Added QuickUpload field to DavizPresentation Schema in order
to easily upload new TAB separated files as data sources
[voineali #4965]
* Change: changed texts for visualizations, changed Data Sources to be mandatory
[szabozo0 #4948]
* Bug fix: properly link images in css files
[tiberich #4956]
* Change: corrected daviz presentation description

4.2 - (2012-02-06)
* no changes

4.1 - (2012-02-06)
* Upgrade step: Within "Plone > Site setup > Add-ons" click on
upgrade button available for eea.daviz
[voineali #4866]
* Feature: Moved facets in global settings tab in order to have more space
for views configuration
[voineali #4914]
* Feature: Added a CSS class on section tabs
[voineali #4880]
* Feature: Redirects to daviz-edit if there is no DaViz view/chart configured
[voineali #4882]
* Feature: Added a way to register additional charts as tabs in view mode.
[voineali #4873]
* Feature: Added DavizPresentation content-type in order to easy aggregate
internal and external exhibit sources
[voineali #4866]

4.0 - (2011-11-07)
* Feature: Added upgrade steps
[voineali #4392]
* Feature: Plone 4.x compatible
[ichimdav, voineali #4234]
* Feature: Added exhibit 'properties' dict in generated JSON
[voineali 4528]

1.5 - (2011-09-21)
* Feature: Added exhibit 'properties' dict in generated JSON
[voineali 4528]

1.4 - (2011-09-07)
* Feature: Enabled daviz for eea.dataservice EEAFigureFile
[voineali #4492]

1.3 - (2011-07-29)
* Feature: Added babel translator API and a custom translator:
rdf-xml to exhibit-json
[voineali #4416]
* Feature: Possibility to add external exhibit data sources like
"Google Spreadsheet", "RDF/XML" and "External JSON".
[voineali #4416]
* Feature: Added editable 'Lens' property to Tiles view in order
to easily create custom Exhibit Lens Templates
[voineali #4414]
* Feature: Added a way to reorder Exhibit Views
[voineali #4177]
* Feature: Added a way to reorder or hide Exhibit Facets
[voineali #4417]
* Feature: Possibility to add/remove facets
[voineali #4416]
* Feature: Made Exibit edit page more user friendly (WYSIWYG)
[voineali #4417]
* Feature: JSON Converter handles column types if specified in CSV columns
header (ex: Title:lable, Year:date, etc)
[voineali #4414]
* Feature: Added 'Details' column for 'Tabular View'. This can be
enabled/disabled in 'Tabular View' settings.
[voineali #4419]

1.2 - (2011-04-07)
* Feature: Added edit form for generated JSON
[voineali #4199]
* Feature: If column name contains ":list" exported data in JSON will pe an array
[ghicaale #4199]
* Bug fix: Made exibit available for ATBlob files
[voineali #4135]
* Cleanup: of pyflakes warnings
[ichimdav #4141]
* Cleanup: of sensible pylint violations
[ichimdav #4140]
* Feature: Added live search field as default on top
[demarant, #3023]
* Change: Moved facets to the right
* Bug fix: Fixed Google Map Key alert
[voineali #4196]
* Change: Disabled Thumbnails View as it's bugous on IE
[voineali #4196]

1.1 - (2011-03-16)
* Bug fix: Removed jQuery and jQuery UI from daviz-edit.css, daviz-edit.js
as they generate errors if already installed. You'll have to manually
install jQuery and jQuery UI in portal_css and portal_javascripts
[voineali #4196]

1.0 - (2011-03-16)
* Initial release
[voineali #2773]

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