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EEA Faceted Navigation (Plone 4.x)

Project description

Plone Faceted Navigation product

A powerful and effective way to find content in large collections


Faceted Navigation (FN) gives you a very powerful interface to improve search within large collections of items. It lets you gradually select and explore different facets (metadata) of the site content and narrow down you search dynamically.

On the contrary plone collections are static, in a way that the site admin decide the search criteria and the end user is not able to further sort or filter the presented results.

FN is fully customizable, site admin may decide that some criteria (facets) must have fixed values while other may be presented as filter options to the web visitor.

FN may very well replace the standard collection content type, since it covers same functionality and it adds a lot more features.

Main features

FN can also be used as an advanced search for your site. It comes with plenty of configuration options and features like:

  1. Easy customisable GUI via drag-n-drop, no restart needed.
  2. Facets can be set to fixed default values and hidden.
  3. Facets can be placed in standard search or extended search panels, to not intimidate novice users and have cleaner interface
  4. Facets can be displayed via several widgets like select, radio, text input, tag cloud, date range and more
  5. Expandable and collapsable widgets with many values
  6. Automatically counts number of content items beside each facet value
  7. Possibility to show or hide the options with zero results (show only the facets which return content)
  8. Ability to create your custom content types definition to be used as a combination of interface and portal type, presented in a single widget.
  9. Export of search result in RSS.
  10. Pleasant user interface based on Ajax JQuery, implemented with “deep linking”, so bookmarking a faceted query works, browser history supported.
  11. Export / Import of faceted settings as XML. Useful to replicate same facets navigation on another site.
  12. Search engine friendly, disabling javascript acts as a normal collection batch list.
  13. Synchronisation of settings across multiple languages, I18N support.
  14. High performance by caching faceted catalog queries via distributed memory object caching system: memcached


The easiest way to get eea.facetednavigation support in Plone 4 using this package is to work with installations based on zc.buildout. Other types of installations should also be possible, but might turn out to be somewhat tricky.

To get started you will simply need to add the package to your “eggs” and “zcml” sections, run buildout, restart your Plone instance and install the “eea.facetednavigation” package using the quick-installer or via the “Add-on Products” section in “Site Setup”.

You can download a sample buildout at:

Getting started

Go to the “Actions” tab on a Collection of Folder, and click “enable faceted navigation”.


  1. Plone 4.x

Live demo

Here some live production demos at EEA (European Environment Agency)

  1. EEA Publications
  2. EEA Multimedia


EEA - European Enviroment Agency (EU)


4.0 - (2011-06-24)

  • Bug fix: do not display empty text criteria on criteria widget. [thomasdesvenain]
  • i18n: resynced, added stubs with some terms translated for: it, pl, es [jensens]
  • Bug fix: catalog index vocabulary works with int or float values. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Change: Delegate criteria display check to a view so it can be customized. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Bug fix: Fixed cachekeys as they where not unique in some situations. [voineali #4254]
  • Feature: Added a po generation script. Added french translations. Added translations file for plone domain. Internationalized schemata, forms and vocabularies. Optimizations. [thomasdesvenain]
  • Feature: i18n: added locales directory and registered it. Added pot-file and po file with translations for german. Added i18n-domains to a bunch of pt-files to make i18ndude happy. [jensens, 2011-05-09]
  • Bug fix: When navigating the tabs of eea.relations popup, the number of AJAX calls increases [voineali #3588, #4232]
  • Cleanup: Dropped simplejson dependency [voineali #4254]
  • Feature: Added a way to disable IPossibleFacetedNavigable for Plone default Content-Types [voineali #4254] - Thanks to thomasdesvenain
  • Feature: Removed “Layout” menu, and override “Display” menu in order to keep consistency and not to confuse novice users with to many places to select object layout/display [voineali #4254]
  • Feature: Dropped p4a. dependencies [voineali #4254]
  • Bug fix: Fixed GenericSetup circular dependencies warning [voineali #4254]
  • Bug fix: Fixed Schema positional arguments warning [voineali #4254]
  • Bug fix: Fixed faceted_subtyper permissions [voineali #4254]
  • Bug fix: Fixed configure faceted permission [voineali #4254]
  • Feature: Simplified “possible faceted navigable” mechanism. Now all you have to do is to implement IPossibleFacetedNavigable interface within your configure.zcml, no more p4a.subtyper descriptors for each portal type. [voineali #4254]
  • Cleanup: Fixed all pylint, pyflakes violations [voineali #4254]
  • Cleanup: Use “eea” i18n domain for all EEA packages [voineali #4254]
  • Bug fix: Non eea vocabularies values are translated [thomasdesvenain]
  • Bug fix: Plone 4.1 compatible [thomasdesvenain]
  • Feature: Keep input text for Text facet on submit [voineali]
  • Feature: If TAL wigdet returns a callable, call it [jensens]
  • Bug fix: Fix TAL and Text field set default value [voineali]
  • Bug fix: Fix facets position update [voineali]
  • Bug fix: Fix checkboxes facet set default value [voineali]
  • Feature: Path widget got depth query parameter. [jensens, 2011-03-01]
  • Bug fix: Fixed Widgets: TAL (removed index field, made expression visible), Path (default handling was broken). Some code-cleanup and simplifications. [jensens, 2011-03-01]
  • Change: Added entry-point for z3c.autoinclude to and thus make it simple to install [jensens, 2011-02-22]
  • Bug fix: Fixed counting issue caused by jQuery 1.4 params style. [voineali #3658]
  • Bug fix: Fixed alphabetic widget [voineali #3658]
  • Bug fix: Fixed text widget query [voineali #3974, #4018]
  • Bug fix: Fixed JS Faceted URL change trigger on first page access if no facet is visible [voineali #3970]
  • Bug fix: Fixed batch navigation [voineali]
  • Change: Modified SKOS view so that tests pass without LinguaPlone. [yomatters]
  • Change: Removed unnecessary menu item registration for syndication. [yomatters]
  • Bug fix: Fixed cache headers for @@faceted_counter, @@tagscloud_counter. [voineali #3935]
  • Bug fix: Faceted tal expression widget ignores values with value False [voineali #3890]

4.0-rc1 (2010-11-15)

  • Feature: Moved to Plone collective and start make the package compatible with Plone 4. [voineali, ghicaale, hpeteragitator]

3.10 (2011-04-19)

  • Bug fix: Fixed subtyper access on Plone 2.5 [voineali] Use this version on Plone 2.x as version 3.9 is broken.

3.9 (2011-04-19)

  • Bug fix: Fixed permission for subtyper [voineali]

3.8 - (2010-12-22)

  • Bug fix: Removed UnicodeSplitter from text widget query as it was bugous and fixed it to work also with “(“, “)” in query [voineali #4018]

3.7 - (2010-12-13)

  • Bug fix: Fixed text widget query for non ZCTextIndex indexes. [voineali #3974]
  • Bug fix: Fixed JS Faceted URL change trigger on first page access if no facet is visible. [voineali #3970]

3.6 - (2010-11-30)

  • Bug fix: Set cache headers for @@faceted_counter, @@tagscloud_counter [voineali #3935]

3.5 - (2010-11-23)

  • Bug fix: Faceted tal expression widget ignores values with value False. [voineali #3890]

3.4 - (2010-09-30)

  • Bug fix: Fixed search by words containing “(“, “-” etc [ghicaale #3639c
  • Bug fix: Fixed random failure of daterange doctests [voineali #3664]

3.3 (2010-09-06)

  • Bug fix: Fixed expandable and collapsible widgets when used in combination with hide zero count items [voineali #3457]
  • Bug fix: Fixed faceted counter for custom portal types defined by portal_faceted tool [voineali #3139]

3.2 (2010-08-16)

  • Bug fix: Fixed alphabetic widget crash when REQUEST.LANGUAGE like ‘it-it’. [voineali #3499]
  • Change: Better small loader animation for facets, as the previous was not visible enough [demarant]
  • Feature: Added TAL Expression Widget to allow one to define dynamic queries (e.g. limit faceted query to context path) [voineali #3538]
  • Change: Cleanup faceted js/css computing mechanism and use portal_javascripts/portal_css instead as eea.jquery provides profiles for each jQuery plugin [voineali #3553, #3487]

3.1.1 (2010-07-07)

  • Bug fix: Fixed failing tests [voineali]

3.1 (2010-07-01)

  • Bug fix: Fixed facets not appearing in google chrome [voineali #3371]
  • Feature: Use jquery.bbq plugin for browsing history [voineali #3371]

3.0 (2010-06-16)

  • Change: faceted_view.css has no condition anymore in portal_css profile. Removed duplicate from faceted_edit.css [voineali #3409]
  • Feature: Made Large Folder faceted navigable [voineali #3059]
  • Feature: Added special faceted widget ETag in order to easily generate another faceted version id which is used by squid or other proxy caching systems. See docs/versions.txt [voineali #3338]
  • Change: Cleanup old css/js profile by removing duplicated items (@@ ones) [voineali]
  • Feature: Make faceted navigation aware of collection’s query. [#3275] [Thanks to Izhar Firdaus]
  • Bug fix: Moved faceted actions from portal_fiveactions to portal_actions as as it caused conflicts with p4a.plonecalendar and [#3275] [Thanks to Izhar Firdaus]
  • Change: Refactored field.Vocabulary to be reused also with other fields than StringField [voineali]
  • Upgrade step: Within portal_setup import all steps using ‘EEA Faceted Navigation’ profile or reinstall it from portal_quickinstaller.

2.0 (2010-05-07)

  • Change: Update API to easily access default criteria [voineali #2939]
  • Feature: Adjust faceted navigation JavaScript to work outside faceted navigable contexts using a previously defined faceted navigable configuration. This way, by providing faceted navigable URL it can be used in pop-ups, dialogs, etc [voineali #3198]
  • Bug fix: Fixed that z3 vocabularies are not updated at runtime [voineali #3239]

1.9 (2010-03-26)

  • Bug fix: Fixed faceted text widget error [voineali #3162]

1.8 (2010-03-18)

  • Bug fix: Fixed that after last update faceted widgets not responding. [voineali #3157]
  • Feature: Added debug widget [voineali #3141]

1.7 (2010-03-16)

  • Change: Replaced after_query method with IWidgetFilterBrains adapter. [voineali #3141]
  • Feature: Support non-ascii keywords vocabulary [voineali #3100]

1.6 (2010-02-15)

  • Feature: Enable and/or search operator on faceted checkbox widget. [voineali #2940]
  • Feature: Added an error layer in order to easily see widgets with configuration problems and fix them without disabling JavaScript in browser and then trying to figure out which one is causing the problem and remove it.
  • Bug fix: Fixed relative path problems for path widget when using in production [voineali #2625]
  • Change: Make date range widget more user friendly using jquery ui datepicker [voineali #2871]
  • Change: Make date widget more user friendly using jQuery slider plugin. [voineali #2871]
  • Bug fix: Fixed that if jquery is present in portal_javascirpts do not reload it in faceted_view.js / faceted_edit.js [voineali]

1.5 (2010-01-18)

  • Feature: Add path (location) widget [voineali #2625]
  • Bug fix: Fixed translate UnicodeDecodeError [voineali #2907]

1.4 (2009-11-27)

  • Feature: Memcache tagscloud_counter results. Also use eea.cache in order to dynamically set and invalidate memcache dependencies. [voineali #2801]
  • Feature: Implemented a version control system for faceted configuration in order to invalidate proxy cache systems like squid by requesting a new URL. [voineali #2783]
  • Bug fix: Fixed IE submit form when return is pressed in search field. [voineali #2825]
  • Feature: Keep minimum of distinct URLs for same queries in order to cache efficiently [voineali #2596]

1.3 (2009-11-18)

  • Bug fix: Fixed document actions position too high. [thuliper #2792]
  • Bug fix: Scroll window to top when Less button is clicked. [voineali #2799]

1.2 (2009-11-09)

  • Change: Remove LinguaPlone and ATVocabularyManager dependencies. [voineali]
  • Change: Make eea.faceted.tool optional. [voineali]
  • Bug fix: Fixed export/import criteria ids. [voineali]

1.1 (2009-10-30)

  • Duplicate release 1.0r1

1.0r1 (2009-10-30)

  • Bug fix: This package should not be zip_safe. [voineali]

1.0 (2009-10-30)

  • Initial release

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