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Use game state in EmptyEpsilon to control your Lifx globes.

Project description

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Automatically set your Lifx globes according to player ship game state in EmptyEpsilon. It uses the Lifx LAN Protocol and may control any lights that are on the same network as EELifx.


With Python 3.6+, run pip install eelifx (Virtualenv recommended).

Quick Start

  1. Start EmptyEpsilon in another console with the httpserver switch: EmptyEpsilon httpserver=8080

  2. Turn on your Lifx lights, make sure they are conn

  3. Run EELifx and point it at your server, e.g. eelifx run or eelifx run localhost

Advanced Usage

The full range of commands are avaliable by running help:

$ eelifx
Usage: eelifx [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  EELifx Copyright (C) 2017 Chris Speck

  --loglevel TEXT  E.g. "DEBUG" or "INFO"
  --help           Show this message and exit.

  grouptest   Execute each rule in succession.
  queryship   Query EE and set parameters if given.
  reset       Reset lights to base state.
  run         Poll and set lights according to game state.
  showconfig  Print default config to standard out.

Custom Configs

Your can pass the path to a custom config to the run and grouptest commands with --config <FILE>.

You can find example configs in the repo or by running eelifx showconfig

Rules and Groups

Groups represent Lifx Groups, and have a match regex defined within the configuration which tell EELifx which bulbs to apply the groups’ rules to. The default pattern is .* (i.e. all groups).

This tool peroidically polls EmptyEpsilon, parses the game state into a ship object, and evaluates rule statements in the order in which they are defined within each group. If the rule statement returns true then its effect is applied, with the following notes:

  • lights are always initially set to their base_state

  • set_power latches to False, that is, any call to False will override any other call to True within that iteration

  • set_colour accepts any colour which the colour package supports

  • the last call to set_colour overrides any earlier call

  • set_luminance accepts a float in range 0 - 1

  • the last call to set_luminance overrides any earlier call

  • the last call to set_waveform overrides any earlier call

  • the luminance of any colour set through set_colour or set_waveform will be clipped to that group’s max_luminance

  • the luminance of any colour will be multiplied by any value set by set_luminance

Waveform Support

This doesn’t seem to be documented particulararly well, but the source of the lifx-gem shows that the following waveforms are supported:

SAW = 0
SINE = 1

set_waveform takes a dictionary with the following keys: * hz as an integer * waveform as a string, being one of those named above * an optinal alt_colour, being the same format as that given to set_colour


The methods set_colour, set_power, set_waveform and set_luminance are the only methods on lifx_commander which you should call in your config. See example configs for details.

Ship object

The ship object exposes the following properties:

  • ship.hull - float in range 0 - 1

  • - float in range 0 - 1

  • ship.alert_level - string, ‘Normal’, ‘YELLOW ALERT’ or ‘RED ALERT’

Licensed under the GPLv3

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