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A simple library for exectuing egrep linux commando to files

Project description

Project Description

Simple utility to execute linux egrep command. The intention is to extend the capability of the egrep command from linux to python.


If you wish to add aditional features to the command take a look at:


It has only been tested with Python3.6 onwards. This package will only work in linux OS that have the egrep command.


You must at least pass 2 variables when constructing an egrep instance. 1. Should be the regex expression and the second should be the filepath as a string. If you wish to add command options you can add them as initial parameter. Make sure the the second to last is the regex expression and the last is the filepath.

# No option
egrepInstance = egrep("'\d+'","directory.txt")

# Must match whole expression.
egrepInstance = egrep("-w","'\d+'","directory.txt")

Methods & Properties:

At least 2 arguments:

  1. The regex expresion as a String with single quotes eg: "'[agxc].A'".
  2. The filepath as a string eg: "testfile.txt"
  3. Any egrep command. Make sure the are at the beiging eg: "-w","regex","filepath"

def __init__(*args)

The constructor will validate if the file existis. If it does not it will through a egrepError.

To execute the egrep use the execute method were it will store the result in the property expressionsFound, which is a list.

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