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Implement /auth for EIDA

Project description

Method /auth for EIDA authentication

This projects is the implementation of the /auth method as described in EIDA.

Input : a signed token (validity will be checked by the program)

Output : a login and password in the login:password form

This login and password is valid for a certain amount of time (24h typically)

Playing around

pip install gunicorn httpie
gunicorn --reload -w 1 eidaws_auth:auth

Then, to send a post request :

http localhost:8000/version
http POST localhost:8000 < token.asc

Running tests

pip install -e .


The conifguration is set in the eidawsauth/ file.

There are 4 classes :

  • Config : the root class with some defaults
  • Production : the configuration suitable for production
  • Test : the configuration suitable for pytest
  • Dev : the configuration for the developpment environment

You can choose the configuration class by setting up the RUNMODE environment variable. Default value is DEVELOPMENT

RUNMODE=PRODUCTION gunicorn -w 4 eidaws_auth:aut

Database initialisation

User and minimum privileges

grant connect on database "resifAuth" to eidawsauth;
grant connect on database "resifInv-Prod" to eidawsauth;
\c "resifAuth"
grant select,insert,update,delete on table users,credentials TO eidawsauth ;
grant select,update on sequence  users_user_index_seq TO eidawsauth ;
\c "resifInv-Prod"
grant select,insert,update,delete on table eida_temp_users TO eidawsauth;
grant select on table networks to eidawsauth;
grant select,update on sequence aut_user_user_id_seq to eidawsauth ;

Expected tables schema


Table users: From the existing table, we have to add an expires_at column.

alter table users add column if not exists expires_at timestamp default value null;

Table credentials : No modification to the resifAuth schema


Table aut_user. No modification to the resifInv-Prod schema.

  Colonne   |  Type   | Collationnement | NULL-able |                Par défaut                 | Stockage |
 user_id    | integer |                 | not null  | nextval('aut_user_user_id_seq'::regclass) | plain    |
 network_id | bigint  |                 |           | 0                                         | plain    |
 network    | text    |                 | not null  |                                           | extended |
 start_year | integer |                 | not null  | 0                                         | plain    |
 end_year   | integer |                 | not null  | 0                                         | plain    |
 name       | text    |                 | not null  |                                           | extended |
Index :
    "aut_user_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree (user_id)
    "uniq_aut_user" UNIQUE CONSTRAINT, btree (network, start_year, end_year, name)
Contraintes de clés étrangères :
    "aut_user_network_id_fkey" FOREIGN KEY (network_id) REFERENCES networks(network_id) ON DELETE SET DEFAULT


What does this program do ?


  1. Get all configurations and setup database connections
  2. Read the data from POST request NOTE : We should put a size limit on the WSGI server
  3. Verify the token's signature using the geofon public key
  4. Parse the token's informations
  5. Compute a random login and password
  6. Register this in the resifAuth database, along with the expires_at value (24h)
  7. From the member-of field in the token :
    • do the mapping from EPOS names to FDSN reference from the epos_fdsn table in the resifAuth database the FDSN reference is the network name, startyear, endyear
    • register the login along with the FDSN references and the expiration date in the resifInv-Prod database, table access
  8. Return the login:password to the client

Other methods


returns the version number and environment string.


Remove old users, credentials and privileges.

It's probably a good idea to protect this method at the webserver level.

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