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Rapid RPC Framework for your Python services using Asyncio + MsgPack

Project description


Rapid RPC Framework for building Python 3.7+ services using Asyncio + MsgPack


$ pip install electron-rpc

How does it work?

Create a server instance with a single endpoint sum() which outputs the sum of two values:

from electron.server import Server

app = Server()

async def sum(a, b, **kwargs):
    return f"Result: {a + b}"
        __          __                      
  ___  / /__  _____/ /__________  ____      
 / _ \/ / _ \/ ___/ __/ ___/ __ \/ __ \     
/  __/ /  __/ /__/ /_/ /  / /_/ / / / /     
\___/_/\___/\___/\__/_/   \____/_/ /_/      

⚡ electron build v0.0.1-beta                              

Listening on

Registered Endpoints:
- sum

Calling the endpoint from a client

electron uses MsgPack-RPC, so craft a payload and send it over TCP:

import socket

from electron.messages import RemoteProcedureCall

sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)

sock.connect(("", 9999))
sock.send(RemoteProcedureCall(endpoint="sum", args=[1, 2]).encode())

data = sock.recv(1024)
print(f"Received: \n{data.decode()}")
Result: 3

Background Tasks

To create a background task, decorate it with @app.background(time_in_seconds):

async def some_background_task():
    print("Running background task every 3 seconds")

Now the task will execute every 3 seconds.

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