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Electrum wallet scripting interface wrapper

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Scripting interface wrapper for electrum wallet

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You would need to setup electrum wallet first and start the daemon if required.

Sample setup

# Download from
sudo apt-get install python3-pyqt5
tar -xvf Electrum-3.3.8.tar.gz
cd Electrum-3.3.8
python3 -m pip install .[fast]

# Start deamon
./run_electrum daemon start
./run_electrum daemon load_wallet

Install electrum scripting

python3 -m pip install electrum-scripting

Get Started

> from electrum_scripting.wallet import WalletScripting as ws

# Call electrum command
> unspents ='listunspent')
[{'address': 'bc1q9tguzkmqul768z9hxkeg8hd6yrrhexymwmykygwk4m6g4t8msheq3z0rxm', 'value': '0.00258', 'prevout_n': 1, 'prevout_hash': '18810325792ff18d52fa65f1724d13750a584bfec8f44a4670f7baecac6d1510', 'height': 587939, 'coinbase': False}]

> tx ='paytomany', unsigned=True, password="password", outputs=[['address1', 'amount1']])
{'hex': '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', 'complete': False, 'final': False}

# Set default configurations
> ws.setup(password='password')

# Other utils
> ws.qr(tx, 'unsigned_tx.svg')

For full supported command list, please check electrum documentation. Here's listing for your information:

addrequest          Create a payment request, using the first unused
                    address of the wallet
addtransaction      Add a transaction to the wallet history
broadcast           Broadcast a transaction to the network
clearrequests       Remove all payment requests
commands            List of commands
convert_xkey        Convert xtype of a master key
create              Create a new wallet
createmultisig      Create multisig address
createnewaddress    Create a new receiving address, beyond the gap limit
                    of the wallet
decrypt             Decrypt a message encrypted with a public key
deserialize         Deserialize a serialized transaction
dumpprivkeys        Deprecated
encrypt             Encrypt a message with a public key
freeze              Freeze address
get                 Return item from wallet storage
get_tx_status       Returns some information regarding the tx
getaddressbalance   Return the balance of any address
getaddresshistory   Return the transaction history of any address
getaddressunspent   Returns the UTXO list of any address
getalias            Retrieve alias
getbalance          Return the balance of your wallet
getconfig           Return a configuration variable
getfeerate          Return current suggested fee rate (in sat/kvByte),
                    according to config settings or supplied parameters
getmasterprivate    Get master private key
getmerkle           Get Merkle branch of a transaction included in a block
getmpk              Get master public key
getprivatekeys      Get private keys of addresses
getpubkeys          Return the public keys for a wallet address
getrequest          Return a payment request
getseed             Get seed phrase
getservers          Return the list of available servers
gettransaction      Retrieve a transaction
getunusedaddress    Returns the first unused address of the wallet, or
                    None if all addresses are used
history             Wallet history
importprivkey       Import a private key
is_synchronized     return wallet synchronization status
ismine              Check if address is in wallet
listaddresses       List wallet addresses
listcontacts        Show your list of contacts
listrequests        List the payment requests you made
listunspent         List unspent outputs
make_seed           Create a seed
notify              Watch an address
password            Change wallet password
payto               Create a transaction
paytomany           Create a multi-output transaction
removelocaltx       Remove a 'local' transaction from the wallet, and its
                    dependent transactions
restore             Restore a wallet from text
rmrequest           Remove a payment request
searchcontacts      Search through contacts, return matching entries
serialize           Create a transaction from json inputs
setconfig           Set a configuration variable
setlabel            Assign a label to an item
signmessage         Sign a message with a key
signrequest         Sign payment request with an OpenAlias
signtransaction     Sign a transaction
sweep               Sweep private keys
unfreeze            Unfreeze address
validateaddress     Check that an address is valid
verifymessage       Verify a signature

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